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Congratulations Amrit Sampalli (1st) and Jessica McGrath (2nd) for their success at the Dalhousie University Brain BEE!


Left to right: Jessica McGrath, second place winner of the Dalhousie Brain Bee 2012, Elayne Tan, first place winner of the Dalhouise Brain Bee 2011, current Dalhousie Science Undergraduate student, Amrit Sampalli, first place winner of the Dalhousie Brain Bee 2012.

Reach your (action) potential! 

What is the Brain Bee?

The Brain Bee is a competition for students in grades 9- 12!

Students study and are tested on topics on memory, sleep, intelligence, emotion, perception, stress and brain imaging, just to name a few.

There is a quiz-show style Q & A and a neuroanatomy bell ringer designed to test knowledge of neuroscience and the human brain.

The winner gets a prize and an all-expense paid chance to compete in the CIHR National Brain Bee at McMaster University in May 2012. The winner of the national competition will represent Canada at the Inernational Brain Bee in August 2012. Second and third place winners will also receive prizes!

Family, friends and schoolmates are welcome to attend and lunch will be provided.

How to prepare for the Dalhousie Brain Bee

You are responsible for preparing for the Brain Bee competiton. All of the resourses that you need to prepare are provided by the national brain bee and can be found here! Furthermore, all of the questions for the Halifax Brain Bee are provided by the national office so you won't come across something that is not covered in the study guide.

It's helpful to be creative when studying: make diagrams, flashcards, or turn it into a game show! We have provided you with some sample questions to get your started! Download them here! To explore the brain further check out this interactive website to test your knowledge!

If you have material related questions while you are studying send us an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We will pass your questions onto one of Dalhousie's Neuroscience professors to get the answer!

Are you interested in competing in the Brain Bee next year? Send us an email and you will receive information when registration for the 2013 competition opens up!

Good Luck!

Want to Volunteer?

Voulnteering with the BrainBEE is a great way to get to know faculty members, the Dalhousie Neuroscience Department and be a part of the community!

Volunteers will have to opportunity direct registration, guide participants through the event and to be a BrainBEE judge! A pizza lunch will be provided. This is an opportunity to build your resume!

Fill in this form and well will send you all the information you need!


Send us an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or drop us a line at (902) 494-62

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