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Sessional Faculty Postdoctoral Adjunct/Associate Faculty Emeritus


Current Faculty

Dr. Bruce Newbold

Internal migration in Canada and the United States;
Immigration: settlement and adjustment;
Immigration and health;
Aging Issues; GIScience

Dr. K. Bruce Newbold,
Professor, Director,

Dr. Altaf Arain

Forest carbon and water cycles; Evapotranspiration
Global climate models;
Air pollution

Dr. Altaf Arain, Professor, Associate Director,
Director, McMaster Centre for Climate Change


Dr. Dareen Scott Active travel;
Activity-based approaches to travel analysis and modeling;
Built environment;
Geographic information systems for transportation (GIS-T);
Sustainable transportation; GIScience

Dr. Darren Scott,
Professor, Associate Director


Dr. Luc Bernier

Environmental geochemistry of redox sensitive elements;
Global biogeochemical cycles; Biological controls on climate change;

Dr. Luc Bernier,
Assistant Professor



Dr.Janok Bhattacharya Sequence stratigraphy;
3D facies architecture of shallow marine;
Paralic, and fluvial depositional systems

Dr. Janok Bhattacharya, Professor,
Susan Cunningham Research Chair in Geology


Dr. Joe Boyce Environmental (near-surface) Geophysics;
Climate and paleoenvironmental reconstruction using magnetic proxys;
Environmental magnetism; Paleomagnetism

Dr. Joe Boyce,
Associate Professor


Dr.Sean Carey

Cold Regions;
Landscape Disturbance

Dr. Sean Carey,

Dr. Vera Chouinard

Geographies of gender;
Geographies of disability;
Disability in the Global South;
Experiences and representations of mental ill health;
The inclusion and exclusion of women in northern Canadian communities

Dr. Vera Chouinard,


Dr. Paulin Coulibaly

Water Resource;,
Hydroclimatic Modelling and Forecasting;
Climate Variability;
Hydrologic Data Assimilation

Dr. Paulin Coulibaly,
Professor, Jointly in School of Geography & Earth Sciences and Department of Civil Engineering


Dr. Alan Dickin

Radiogenic Isotope Geology;
Crustal evolution in the Grenville Province of the Canadian Shield

Dr. Alan Dickin,


Dr. Carolyn Eyles Environmental geology;
Glaciomarine sedimentology;
Tectonic versus climatic controls on sedimentation in glaciated basins

Dr. Carolyn Eyles, Professor, P. Geo
Director, Integrated Sciences Program


Dr. Richard Harris Housing;
Suburban development;
Urban social geography;
Urban historical geography;
Canadian and US cities in the twentieth century, British colonies, 1920-1960s

Dr. Richard Harris,

Dr. Sang-Tae KimStable Isotope Geochemistry;
Marine and Aqueous Geochemistry;
Chemical Oceanography; Paleoclimatology;
Experimental Geochemistry; Biomineralization

Dr. Sang-Tae Kim,
Associate Professor


Dr. John Maclachlan Pedagogical study of advancing the use of technologies into classroom teaching and learning;
Spatial distribution of quaternary landforms and sediments of glacial origin in southern Ontario.

Dr. John Maclachlan, Assistant Professor
Arts & Science Program, McMaster University

Dr. Michael Mercier Philosophies of teaching;
Teaching and learning environments;
Changing social geographies of Canadian cities;
Pedagogical studies including the assessment of the effectiveness of teaching and learning methods.

Dr. Michael Mercier,
Assistant Professor


Dr. Suzanne Mills

Equity and unions;
Aboriginal identity and work in natural resource, industries, labour and the environment;
Construction Trades Unions

Dr. Suzanne Mills,
Associate Professor, Jointly in School of Geography & Earth Sciences and School of Labour Studies

Dr. Maureen Padden Stable isotope geochemistry; Paleoceanography;
Sedimentary geology

Dr. Maureen Padden,
Associate Professor

Dr. Antonio Páez

Spatial data analysis and statistics; Transportation modeling;
Travel behavior;
Health geography;
Geographic Information Systems; GIScience

Dr. Antonio Páez,


Dr. Eduard ReinhardtGeoarchaeology;
Marine Archaeology; Micropaleontology (foraminifera); Isotope Geochemistry; Paleoenvironmental Analysis; Catastrophic Event Stratigraphy; Quaternary Geology

Dr. Eduard Reinhardt,

Dr. Greg SlaterStable isotope Geochemistry;
Environmental and Organic Geochemistry;
Contaminant hydrogeology 
Biodegradation and Bioremediation; Astrobiology


Dr. Greg Slater,

Dr. James E. Smith

Water Flow and Contaminant Transport in the Subsurface;
Vadose Zone Hydrology;
Soil Physics;
Multiphase Flow through Porous Media

Dr. James E. Smith,


Dr. James Michael Waddington Watershed ecohydrology;
Climate change;

Dr. James Michael Waddington,


Dr. Allison Williams Therapeutic landscapes;
Informal/family caregiving;
Home/community health care;
Palliative/end-of-life care;
Urban health/quality of life;
Health determinants;
Women’s health

Dr. Allison Williams, Professor,
CIHR Research Chair in Gender, Work and Health


Dr. Robert D. Wilton

Geographies of disability;
Geographies of addiction and mental health;
Social geographies of exclusion

Dr. Robert D. Wilton,

Niko Yiannakoulias

Medical geography;
Injury epidemiology;
Agent-based modelling;
Crime geomatics;
Cluster detection methods and theory; Child health; GIScience

Dr. Niko Yiannakoulias,
Associate Professor



Sessional Faculty

Dr. Sergei Basik

Dr. Dereck Amores
General Science Bldg. 305

Dr. Sergei Basik Dr. Sergei Basik
General Science Bldg. 305

Dr. Allyson BradyDr. Allyson Brady
Postdoctoral/Research Fellow



Patrick De Luca

Patrick De Luca,
Burke Science Bldg. Rm. 342B
Ext. 27786

Dr. Chris HigginsDr. Chris Higgins
Postdoctoral/Research Fellow

Dr. Kurt KornelsenDr. Kurt Kornelsen
Burke Science Building Rm. 327
Ext. 220438


Moataz MahmoudDr. Moataz Mohamed
Postdoctoral/Research Fellow,



Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Allyson Brady

Dr. Allyson Brady
Postdoctoral/Research Fellow



Dr. Melissa GiesbrechtDr. Melissa Giesbrecht
Postdoctoral/Research Fellow

Dr. Chris HigginsDr. Chris Higgins
Postdoctoral/Research Fellow

Dr. Kim Huong HoangDr. Kim Huong Hoang,
Postdoctoral/Research Fellow


Moataz MahmoudDr. Moataz Mohamed
Postdoctoral/Research Fellow,

Paul MooreDr. Paul Moore
Postdoctoral/Research Fellow



Dr. Hussein WaznehDr. Hussein Wazneh
Postdoctoral/Research Fellow






Adjunct/Associate Faculty

Faculty Email Current Institution
Dr. Gavin Andrews,
(Associate Member)
andrews@mcmaster. ca Department of Health, Aging, & Society,
McMaster university
Dr. Howard Barker,
(Adjunct Faculty)

Environment Canada,
Cloud Physics and Severe Weather Research Section (ARMP)

Dr. Jing Chen,
(Adjunct Faculty) Department of Geography & Program
in Planning
University of Toronto
Dr. Allan Crowe,
(Adjunct Faculty) National Water Research Institute
Dr. Ian Droppo,
(Adjunct Faculty) National Water Research Institute
Dr. Jim Dunn,
(Associate Member) Department of Health, Aging, & Society,
McMaster University
Dr. Susan J. Elliott,
(Adjuct Faculty) Faculty of Applied Health Sciences,
University of Waterloo
Dr. Dustin Garrick
(Associate Member) Engineering and Public Policy
Dr. Gail Krantzberg,
(Associate Member) Great Lakes resilience, water governance, engineering/science and public policy
Dr. Tim Lotimer,
(Adjunct Member) Tim Lotimer & Associates
Dr. Hanna Maoh,
(Adjunct Faculty) Civil and Environmental Engineering,
University of Windsor
Stacey Mater, M.Sc.
(Adjunct Faculty) Dillon Consulting Limited
Dr. Dan McKenney
(Adjunct Faculty) NRC
Dr. Nidhi Nagabhatla
(Adjunct Faculty) United Nations University INWEH
Dr. Matthias Peichl
(Adjunct Faculty) Forest Ecology & Management/Swedish Univ
Dr. Michael Pisaric
(Adjunct Faculty) Brock University
Dr. Saiedeh Razavi,
(Associate Member) Civil Engineering,
McMaster University
Dr. Ulrich Riller,
(Adjunct Faculty) University of Hamburg
Dr. Dominique Rissolo,
( Adjunct Faculty) Waitt Institute
Dr. Corine Schuster-Wallace, (Adjunct Faculty) Water, Health, Wellbeing
Dr. Amanjot Singh,
(Adjuct Faculty) Credit Valley Conservation Area
Dr. Spencer Snowling,
(Adjunct Faculty) Hydromantis Inc.
Dr. Matthias Sweet
(Adjunct Faculty) Ryerson University
Dr. Martin Taylor,
(Adjunct Faculty) Department of Geography,
University of Victoria
Dr. Ross Upshur,
(Adjunct Faculty) Department of Family and Community Medicine,
University of Toronto
Dr. Olive Wahoush
(Associate Member) Nursing, McMaster University
Dr. Lesley A. Warren,
(Adjunct Faculty) University of Toronto
Dr. Christopher Werner,
(Adjunct Faculty) Shell E & P Co.
Dr. John Weaver,
(Associate Member) Department of History,
McMaster University

Dr. Amin Yazdani
(Adjunct Assistant Professorr)

Department of Kinesiology,
University of Waterloo



Professors Emeritus

Professor Emeritus Email
Dr. Brian Bunting
Dr. Andrew F. Burghardt
Dr. Paul M. Clifford paul.clifford@sympatico,ca
Dr. James H. Crocket
Dr. John Drake
Dr. John Eyles
Dr. Derek C. Ford
Dr. H. Douglas Grundy
Dr. Fred Hall
Dr. Leslie J. King
Dr. James R. Kramer
Dr. Kao-Lee Liaw
Dr. Robert McNutt
Dr. Gerard V. Middleton
Dr. Bill Morris
Dr. Yorgos Papageorgiou
Dr. Walter Peace,
Dr. Jack Rink
Dr. Michael J. Risk
Dr. Wayne Rouse
Dr. Henry P. Schwarcz
Dr. Rodger G. Walker
Dr. Hok Woo



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