Public Outreach

planetariumThe Faculty of Science hosts a number of facilities and programs for the community to better understand the practice of science, the results that research uncovers, and the world around us.


McMaster Biology Greenhouse
This teaching and research facility features a permanent collection of rare and exotic plants, and welcomes visits from the public



McMaster Centre for Climate Change
The Centre holds public lectures featuring distinguished speakers who address critical topics in the area of the environment and climate change.



LIVELab, and the McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind (MIMM)
Experience this one-of-a-kind lab as concert hall where complex questions of human interaction related to music, hearing, vision, movement and learning are being explored



Psychology Public Lecture Series
Lectures featuring McMaster professors discussing fascinating and practical topics related to the field of Psychology. Open to staff, faculty, alumni and all members of the public



Origins Institute

  • Origins Institute Lecture Series
    Lectures open to the public about  the most fundamental topics in science, including space-time, structure in the Cosmos, the origins of chemical elements, and the beginnings of life, species and consciousness
  • Origins 3-D Theatre
    3-D films open to the public on topics related to exploring the most fundamental topics in science



Sidewalk Astronomy
Check out the stars with the help of the Department of Physics & Astronomy



McMaster Virtual Geology Museum
See rocks, minerals and fossils collected from around the world wherever you are



W.J. McCallion Planetarium
Learn about the planets, solar system and the galaxy during shows projected on the inner surface of a dome, mimicking the movements of the nightsky