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Our vision is to be the leading undergraduate and graduate Kinesiology program in Canada and among the world's best in strategic areas of strength through innovation and excellence in research, teaching and service.

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Our mission is the discovery, communication and application of knowledge through the multi-disciplinary study of human movement, exercise and the relationships between physical activity and health. This approach incorporates biological, psychological, sociological, historical, organizational and professional practice perspectives. We aim to inspire a passion for lifelong learning and discovery, and strive to prepare our students to become leaders and valued members of society.



Latest News and Events

Jennifer Heisz

Reduce your risk of dementia with just a couple of steps

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Martin Gibala

The Interview: The benefits of short, intense workouts

Martin Gibala on how short bursts of intense workouts —as little as three minutes a week— can provide real health benefits

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Martin Gibala

Add cardio-respiratory fitness to the recipe for a longer life

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Martin Gibala

Got a Minute?  Let's Work Out

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Krista Madsen Baker

Everything you need to know about running shoes

We look at the anatomy of a running shoe, how to get the right fit, and other shoe shopping tips.  read more

Kathleen Martin Ginis

Ontario Medal for Good Citizenship awarded to two McMaster stalwarts

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