• Vascular Dynamics Lab

    In the Vascular Dynamics Lab we focus on examining the complex interactions of mechanical, neural and humoral factors in peripheral arteries in response to both acute and chronic changes in physical activity. Read More
  • Molecular Exercise Physiology & Muscle Aging Lab

    The focus of the research in the Molecular Exercise Physiology and Muscle Aging lab is on the examination of the role of exercise as an activator of satellite cells in younger and older adults. Read More
  • Protein Metabolism Research Lab

    Protein Metabolism Research Lab The maintenance of a metabolically active skeletal muscle mass is to a great extent underappreciated, particularly where optimal health is concerned. Read More
  • Integrative Neuromuscular Biology Laboratory

    The focus of the research in the Integrative Neuromuscular Biology Laboratoy is to investigate molecular mechanisms of neuromuscular plasticity, with an emphasis on identifying new therapeutic strategies for neuromuscular disorders. Read More
  • Human Performance Research Lab

    The breakdown of fuels such as carbohydrates and fats for energy involves a complex series of metabolic reactions. Precise regulation of these various metabolic pathways is vital to the integrity of the cell and organism. Read More
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