David R. Chettle

Professor, Medical Physics & Applied Radiation Sciences


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Office: NRB 106
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Research Interests

Research Interests

Human body composition. Development of methods to measure elemental content in living human subjects. Examples include lead (Pb) in bone using x-ray fluorescence, strontium in bone using x-ray fluorescence, aluminum in bone using neutron activation, mercury in kidney or other sites using x-ray fluorescence, manganese in bone using neutron activation, nitrogen (protein) in whole body using prompt gamma neutron activation, potassium (body cell mass) by whole body counting, cadmium in liver or kidney by prompt gamma neutron activation.

Interaction of science and faith, science and religion dialogue.


Recent Publications

C. Bhatia, S.H. Byun, D.R. Chettle, M.J. Inskip, W.V. Prestwich, “A neutron activation technique for manganese measurements in human”, Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology, in press August 2014.

J. Gräfe, F. cNeill, M. Noseworthy, D. Chettle, “Gadolinium detection via in vivo prompt gamma neutron activation analysis following gadolinium-based contrast agent injection: a pilot study in 10 human participants" Physiological Measurement, accepted July 2014.

S. Behinaein, D.R. Chettle, L.M. Egden, F.E. McNeill, G. Norman, N. Richard, S. Stever, “The estimation of the rates of lead exchange between body compartments of smelter employees” Environmental Science: Processes and Impacts 16, 1705-1715, 2014.

H. Moise, D.R. Chettle, A Pejović Milić, “Monitoring Bone Strontium Intake in Osteoporotic Females Self-Supplementing with Strontium Citrate with a Novel In-Vivo X-Ray Fluorescence Based Diagnostic Tool” Bone 61, 48-54, 2014.

W. Matysiak, J. Atanackovic, H. K. Mohseni, S.H. Byun, M. Inskip, W.V. Prestwich, N.D. Priest, K. Chin, D. Cowan, D.R. Chettle, “In-vivo neutron activation analysis for aluminum in bone: system upgrade and improved data analysis” AECL Nuclear Review 2, 27-32, 2013.

F. Mostafaei, F.E. McNeill, D.R. Chettle, W.V. Prestwich, “Improvements in an in vivo neutron activation analysis (NAA) method for the measurement of fluorine in human bone” Physiological Measurement 34, 1329-1341, 2013.

F. Mostafaei, F.E. McNeill, D.R. Chettle, W.V. Prestwich, M. Inskip, “Design of a phantom equivalent to measure bone-fluorine in a human’s hand via delayed neutron activation analysis” Physiological Measurement 34, 503-512, 2013.175.

G.R. Wohl, D.R. Chettle, A Pejović Milić, C. Druchok, C.E. Webber, J.D. Adachi, K.A. Beattie, “Accumulation of bone strontium measured by in vivo XRF in rats supplemented with strontium citrate and strontium ranelate” Bone 52, 63-69, 2013.

Students Supervised

Students Supervised

  • Dave Tucker, PhD (part time)
  • Lesley Watters, PhD (part time)
  • Helen Moise, PhD
  • Phanisree Timmaraju, PhD
  • Hedi Mohseni, PhD
  • Syed Tahir, MSc

Courses Taught

Courses Taught