Department of Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour

Neurotechnology and Neuroplasticity Lab


Sue Becker Sue Becker
Principal Investigator
Research interest: computational and empirical studies of learning, memory and plasticity.

Laura Keating Laura Keating
Neuroscience PhD candidate, co-supervised by Margaret McKinnon.
Effects of aerobic exercise and yoga on mood and cognition.
Email: scuttle (at) mcmaster (dot) ca
Craig Hutton Craig Hutton
Psychology PhD candidate
Effects of stress, nutrition and exercise on behaviour, neurogenesis, and brain-derived neurotrophic factor in ageing, Alzheimer's disease and depression across cells, mice and humans.
Email: huttoncp (at) mcmaster (dot) ca
Nadia Wong Nadia Wong
Psychology PhD candidate, co-supervised by Hongjin Sun.
VR studies of spatial cognition, brain-computer interfaces.
Email: wongnp (at) mcmaster (dot) ca
Saurabh Shaw Saurabh Shaw
MiNDS Neuroscience PhD candidate, EEG, fMRI, neurofeedback, resting state network activity.
Email: shaws5 (at) mcmaster (dot) ca
Lauren Smail Lauren Smail
PNB MSc candidate, co-supervised by Ranil Sonnadara.
Machine learning applied to medical image diagnosis.
Email: laurensmail1995 (at) gmail (dot) com

Honours thesis and project students

Gabrielle Herman
           Project: EEG measures of brain network activity
Christine Wang
           Project: Deep RBM models of hippocampal coding
Isaac Kinley
           Project: Computational models of ERP responses to expected and aberrant stimuli
Imasha Perera
           Project: Fusion of EEG and fMRI data streams with convolutional neural networks
Hajer Nakua
           Project: Impact of current and past binge drinking, with or without a period of abstinence, on mood and cognition
Dayle Parker
           Effects of diet in animal model of Alzheimer's
Andreanne Lavoie
           Effects of diet in animal model of Alzheimer's
Emily Kaunisma
           Effects of diet in animal model of Alzheimer's