Guidelines and marking scheme for Psych3BN3 presentations

1. Presentation Guidelines

Your presentation should last no more than 20 minutes if you are presenting solo or 20-30 minutes if you are presenting as a pair, leaving the remainder of the time for class discussion. The papers in this course cover a wide range of topics and vary considerably in scope and level of detail so there is no one best formula for a good presentation. But you are exepected to go beyond your paper and set it within a broader context by providing background knowledge in your topic area and providing a theoretical framework for you paper.

2. Marking scheme for presentations: (out of 25)

  1. Outline: /1
    (must be submitted during meeting with your instructor at least 1 week prior to presentation)
  2. Spoken component: Style and clarity: /3
  3. Visual component: Style, clarity, appropriate level of detail: /5
    (Slides must be submitted via email to Prof on day of presentation)
  4. Cohesiveness of presentation: /6
  5. Content/Educational value: /10

10 or lower: Fails to satisfy most or all aspects of minimum expectations (detailed below)
11-13: Falls considerably short of minimum expectations.
14-16: Approaches minimum expectations
17-19: Meets minimum expectations.
20-22: Meets minimum expectations and goes above and beyond some of the minimum expectations.
23-25: Goes considerably above and beyond most or all of the minimum expectations.

Minimum expectations:

  1. Spoken component: Style and Clarity
  2. Visual Component: Style, clarity, appropriate level of detail
  3. Cohesiveness:
  4. Content/Educational value:

Ways in which one might exceed the minimum expectations (not an exhaustive list):