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Other Bat Labs

University of Bristol (Gareth Jones)

Brown University (James Simmons)

University of Calgary (Robert Barclay)

University of California, Los Angeles (Walter Metzner)

Georgetown University (Jagmeet Kanwal)

University of Illinois (Albert Feng)

University of Missouri (Philip Jen)

University of Maryland (Cynthia Moss)

University of Munich (Benedikt Grothe)

University of Munich (Gerd Schuller)

Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine (Alexander Galazyuk)

Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine (Jeff Wenstrup)

Ohio State University (Mitch Masters)

University of Rochester (William O'Neill)

University of Sourthern Denmark (Annemarie Surlykke)

University of Texas (George Pollak)

University of Tubingen (Hans-Ulrich Schnitzler)

University of Washington (Ellen Covey)

University of Washington at Vancouver (Christine Portfors)

University of Western Ontario (Brock Fenton)

University of Wyoming (Zoltan Fuzessery)


Bioacoustic and Auditory Physiology Labs

Lehigh University (R. Micheal Burger)

University of Bristol (Daniel Robert)

University of Calgary (Jos Eggermont)

University of California at Los Angeles (Peter Narins)

Columbia University (Sarah Woolley)

Cornell University (Bioacoustics Research Program)

Cornell University (Ron Hoy)

Dalhousie University (Dennis Phillips)

University at Buffalo (Matthew A. Xu-Friedman)

University of Toronto (Robert Harrison)

University of Toronto at Mississauga (James Fullard)

University of Toronto at Scarborough (Andrew Mason)

University of Washington (Edwin Rubel)

University of Washington (Michael Beecher)

University of Western Ontario (Stephen Lombar)

Scientific Societies

Animal Behaviour Society

Association for Research in Otolaryngology

International Society for Neuroethology

Society for Neuroscience


Bat Related Sites

Bat Conservation International

Bat Facts from the Smithsonia Institute

Earth Art International

North American Symposium on Bat Research