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macrodermapaul My name is Paul Faure and I am the Principal Investigator in the McMaster Bat Lab. I am a neuroethologist. My research interests are in the neural mechanisms of hearing, the neural basis of acoustically-evoked behaviour (e.g. communication), and animal bioacoustics (i.e. sound emission, vocalization and hearing). My research centers around two broad themes:(1) The Neuroethology of Audition:what neural mechanisms do organisms possess as evolutionary adaptations for using hearing as a primary sense and to guide behaviour? (2) Animal Bioacoustics: how do organisms produce, transmit and receive sounds for the purposes of orientation, defense and communication? In addressing these general questions, my work has focused on two major animal groups-echolocating bats and tympanate insects-and in each group research questions have been answered by combining experiments in physiology and behaviour.