Graduate Studies

This lecture based course is aimed at psychology and biology students who are about to embark upon quantitative studies of animal and human behaviour.

Three lectures; one term

Prerequisite(s): PNB 2XB3 or PSYCH 2F03 or 2NF3, PNB 2XC3 or PSYCH 2TT3; and registration in Level III or above of an Honours Biology or Honours Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour, or Combined Honours Psychology program.

Capacity:  50

More Detailed Course Description:

“Measuring Behaviour” introduces students to basic principles and methods of quantitative studies of behaviour, with an emphasis on techniques of observation, recording, and analysis. It provides theoretical framework for further, direct involvement in behavioural studies in biomedical and social sciences. Didactic, multimedia-rich approach (2 hours/week) will be combined with thematic discussions from selected scientific literature (1 hour/week).

Instructional goals of the course are:

  1. Recognition of general principles when measuring behaviour in experimental animals;
  2. Awareness about complexity in data collection and interpretation of behavioural results.

Expressive goals of the course are:

  1. Development of theoretical knowledge required for unbiased assessment of animal behaviour in academic and industrial environment;
  2. Approaches to designing a behavioural battery, selection of equipment and software packages instrumental in scientific data collection, analysis, and presentation;
  3. Development of research skills in mock behavioural experiments;
  4. Development of presentation skills with Power Point software.

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PNB 4G03 Genetics, Behaviour and Evolution

This seminar course will explore how genetics can help answer important questions about the evolution of behavioural and psychological traits.
Seminar and discussions (three hours); one term
Prerequisites: PNB 2XC3 or PSYCH 2TT3 and PSYCH 3F03 or 3T03; and registration in Level IV of an Honours Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour, or Combined Honours Psychology program.

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