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Introduction to Graduate Training in our Department at McMaster University

Thank you for your interest in the graduate program in Psychology at McMaster. There are 30 faculty in the Department of Psychology and approximately 97 graduate students. The department has a strong research base in the areas of Animal Behaviour , Systems and Behavioural Neuroscience, Cognition/Perception, Developmental Psychology and Evolution and Social Behaviour. The breadth of faculty research areas provides a rich environment for graduate training in the field of Experimental Psychology.

Our graduate program is research-oriented and provides flexibility to optimize the program around the interests of the student. There is a strong collegial environment in the department that supports scientific interactions among faculty and students, and, as a consequence, students often undertake research projects with more than one faculty member. The graduate program introduces students to the issues and questions in the field of Experimental Psychology and trains them in the theoretical basis and research approaches used to study the problems.

Research and Clinical Training Stream


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If the information you're looking for pertains to the research of a particular faculty member, then we encourage you to contact them directly, by telephone or by e-mail, or visit their web pages which can be accessed from our faculty web page or by looking at the descriptions of the Research Areas.



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