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What pre-requisites do you look for when evaluating a potential thesis student and/or independent study?

Students interested in an independent study (3QQ3) should have completed/be taking PNB 2XA3 (Human Perception and Cognition) and/or PSYCH 2E03 (Sensory Processes), as well as a statistics course.  PSYCH 2MA3 (Music Cognition) is strongly recommended.  Musical experience and enrollment in the music cognition specialization are helpful, but not required.

Students interested in the thesis option should have some lab experience (either 3QQ3 or an upper year lab course) in addition to the requirements above.  Most thesis projects in my lab are done under the 9 unit option, which is preferable given the time commitment required.

What information should students include in an application?

The MAPLE lab application which can be found here, which includes an unofficial transcript and a writing sample.  An ideal writing sample is 2-pages double spaced on any topic in psychology, but longer papers and/or papers from other topics are acceptable.  Additionally, please include a paragraph or two outlining (a) why you are interested in this lab and (b) which projects you would or would not be interested in (see our website for current projects).

How do you want to be contacted?

Email your application materials directly to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please put "THESIS APPLICATION" or "INDEPENDENT STUDY APPLICATION" in the subject line.  Only completed applications will be considered.  I will make final decisions after the ballot closes but occasionally will meet in advance if there is a strong "fit".

Where can students get more information?

For general information and our current activities please visit our website at  Also, consider talking with a current graduate student to learn about our openings and opportunities prior to applying.

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