Department of Psychology, McMaster University
2002/2003 Colloquium Series

Unless otherwise noted, all colloquia are held on Thursday at 3:00 PM, Psychology Building, Room 155.

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October 3, 2002

Dr. Michael J. Ryan

Professor of Zoology, University of Texas

Sexual selection and communication in the tungara frog: Brain, behavior, and evolution

October 17, 2002

Dr. Laurel J. Trainor

Department of Psychology, McMaster University

Development of pitch pattern perception: Implications for music, language, and emotion

October 31, 2002

Dr. Susan J. Lederman

Department of Psychology, Queen's University

Feeling objects, feeling faces

November 14, 2002

Dr. Shitij Kapur

How neuroleptics become anti-"Psychotic": A story of dopamine, salience, psychosis and its treatment

November 28, 2002

Dr. Mertice M. Clark

Department of Psychology, McMaster University

Fatherhood reconsidered.

January 9, 2003

Dr. Debra J. Pepler

LaMarsh Centre for Research on Violence and Conflict Resolution, York University

Peer group dynamics and children's aggression.

January 16, 2003

Dr. John Connolly

Department of Psychology, Dalhousie University

Investigating the role of phonology and orthography in speech comprehension and reading using neuroimaging methods.

January 23, 2003

Dr. Digby Elliott

Department of Kinesiology, McMaster University

Perception and action: The visual control of goal-directed movement

January 30, 2003

Dr. Cheryl Missiuna


School of Rehabilitation Science, McMaster University

The Domino Effect: Understanding the impact of coordination difficulties on children's development.

February 6, 2003

Dr. Stephen T. Emlen

Jacob Gould Schurman Professor of Behavioral Ecology, Department of Neurobiology and Behavior, Cornell University

The battle between the sexes in jacanas: Male and female strategies in a bird that exhibits extreme role-reversal

February 13, 2003

Drs. Lorraine Allan and Shepard Siegel

Department of Psychology, McMaster University

Drug addiction and the McCollough effect

Change of date for Drs. Allan and Siegel
was the 20th now the 13th

February 20-21, 2003

L.O.V.E. Conference
February 27, 2003

Dr. Jake Burack


On melting pots and mosaics: Developmental issues in the study of autism.

March 6, 2003

Dr. Tracey J. Shors

Rutgers University

Neurogenesis, spines and hippocampal-dependent memories: Males and females are not the same

March 20, 2003

Dr. Frank Tong

Princeton University

Visual perceptiona nd awareness in the human brain

March 27, 2003

Dr. Lonnie Zwaigenbaum

April 3, 2003

Dr. Martin M. Antony

Director, Anxiety Treatment and Research Centre, St. Joseph's Healthcare

Social comparison processes in social phobia

April 10, 2003

Dr. Alan Kingstone

University of British Columbia

Gaze effects.

April 24, 2003



Society for Research in Child Development

2003 Binnial Meeting - April 24-27, 2003

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