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Unless otherwise noted, all colloquia are held on:
Thursday at 3:00 PM, Psychology Building, Room 155.

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Sept 06, 2007 - ** Dissertation Defense Colloquium **
Patrick Byrne, York University
    Linking neurons and behaviour:  The parietal window hypothesis of spatial memory
Host: Suzanna Becker

Sept 13, 2007
Larry Roberts, McMaster University
     The neuroscience of tinnitus.
Host: Suzanna Becker

Sept 20, 2007 - ** Neuroscience Seminar**
Glenda MacQueen, McMaster University
Special Location: MDCL 3020

Sept 27, 2007
Lorraine Allan, McMaster University
     Role of psychophysics in contingency assessment: fishing signals from a stream.
Host: Shepard Siegel

Oct 04, 2007
Georgia Mason, University of Guelph
      Can captivity drive animals crazy (and does it matter anyway)? Apathy and stereotypic behaviour on       farms, in labs and in zoos.
Host: Sigal Balshine 

Oct 11, 2007
Kari Hoffman, York University
     How to make monkey memories: exploiting the social brain.
Host: Daphne Maurer

Oct 18, 2007 - ** Neuroscience Seminar**
Virginia Lee, University of Pennsylvania
     Unraveling a common thread in neurodegenerative diseases: abnormal TDP-43 protein links Lou      Gehrig's disease and frontotemporal dementia
Special Location: MDCL 3020

Oct 25, 2007
Martin Pare, Queen's University
     Neural mechanisms regulating the selection of visual objects for eye movements.
Host: Kathryn Murphy

Nov 01, 2007 - CANCELLED
Marla Sokolowski, University of Toronto at Mississauga
     Genetics of behavior: from nature to molecule and back again.
Host: Reuven Dukas

Nov 08, 2007
Michael Noseworthy, McMaster University
     Correlating brain structure with function using magnetic resonance.
Host: Allison Sekuler

Nov 15, 2007
Bennett Galef, Jr., McMaster University
     Social influences on the food choices of Norway rats and the mate choices of Japanese quail.
Host: Reuven Dukas

Wednesday, Nov 21, 2007 - ** Neuroscience Seminar**
Pierre Drapeau, McGill University
     From autism to zebra fish: developmental neurophysiology and genomics of brain disease
Special Time: 3:00-4:00 - Location: MDCL 3020

Nov 22, 2007 - ** USA Thanksgiving ** - GRADUATE STUDENT INVITED SPEAKER !!
H. Clark Barrett, University of California, Los Angeles
     Danger and intention in human cognitive evolution.
Host: Paul Szego

Nov 29, 2007
Edward Large, Florida Atlantic University
     Dynamics of auditory perception and attention

Dec 6, 2007 - ** Dissertation Defense Colloquium **
Michelle Jetha, McMaster University
    Temperament and its relation to social functioning and affective processing in schizophrenia:      Behavioural and electrocortical studies.
Host: Louis Schmidt

Jan 10, 2008
Lisa DeBruine & Ben Jones, University of Aberdeen
     Visual experience and cue integration in face perception.
Host: David Feinberg

Jan 17, 2008 - ** Neuroscience Seminar**
Alan Evans, McGill University
     Cortical thickness MRI analysis in brain development.
Special Location: St. Joseph's Hospital - T2203 - 2nd Floor

Jan 24, 2008 - NO COLLOQUIUM

Jan 31, 2008
Rüdiger Krahe, McGill University
     Temporal processing across multiple topographic maps in the electrosensory system.
Host: Paul Faure

Feb 7, 2008
Henry Szechtman, McMaster University
     Obsessive-compulsive disorder and its roots in normal behavior: From security motivation to      psychopathology.
Host: Tracy Vaillancourt

Feb 14, 2008 - ** Neuroscience Seminar** - **Valentine's Day**
Cynthia Moss, University of Maryland
     Active sensing for 3-D spatial orientation: what the bat's voice tells the bat's brain.
Special Location: MDCL 3020

Feb 21, 2008 - **SPRING BREAK**

Feb 28, 2008
David Haley, University of Toronto at Scarborough
     The role of early experience in infant stress physiology.
Host: Louis Schmidt

Mar 6, 2008
Doug Crawford, York University
     Retaining, updating, and integrating visual representations across saccades.
Host: Pat Bennett

Mar 13, 2008 - **Brain Awareness Week**
Dafydd Rhys Williams, Astronaut Canadian Space Agency
     My brain in space.
Host: Deda Gillespie

Mar 27, 2008
David Smith, Cornell University
     Spatial navigation, episodic memory and context processing: what does the hippocampus do?
Host: Paul Faure

Apr 3, 2008
William Warren, Brown University
     The dynamics of perception and action: of bouncing babies and legged locomotion.
Host: Hongjin Sun

Apr 10, 2008 - ** Dissertation Defense Colloquium **
John Fitzpatrick, Dept of Biology/PNB, McMaster University
     Promiscuity promotes the evolution of faster swimming sperm.
Host: Sigal Balshine 

Apr 17, 2008 - ** Neuroscience Seminar**
Special Location: MDCL 3020


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