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Colloquium 2006/2007


Unless otherwise noted, all colloquia are held on:
Thursday at 3:00 PM, Psychology Building, Room 155.

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Sept 14, 2006
Laurence T. Maloney, New York University - READINGS (1) (2)
     Movement planning under risk, decision making under risk.
Host: Allison Sekuler

Sept 28, 2006
Lawrence Barsalou, Emory University - READINGS (1) (2) (3) - Reading #2 will not be covered.
     Grounding knowledge in the brain's modality-specific systems.
Hosts:  Lee Brooks & Sam Hannah

Oct 05, 2006
Bernard Roitberg, Simon Fraser University - READINGS (1)
     The irritable insect.
Host:  Reuven Dukas

Oct 12, 2006
Shepard Siegel, McMaster University
     Drug addiction and the wisdom of the body
  Host:  Lorraine Allan

Oct 26, 2006
Marlene Behrmann, Carnegie Mellon University - READINGS (1) (2)
     Let's face it: psychological and neural mechanisms underlying face processing.
Host: Daniel Goldreich

Nov 2, 2006
Rose Zacks, Michigan State University
     Working memory and aging: experimental and individual difference findings
Host: Karin Humphreys

Nov 9, 2006 - SPECIAL COLLOQUIUM - (Co-sponsored with the Department of Economics)
Kevin McCabe, George Mason University - READINGS (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (updated 11/07/06)
     The neuroeconomics of trust relationships
Host: Margo Wilson

Nov 16, 2006
Steven Luck, University of California, Davis
      Visual Working Memory: Representation, Process, & Function
Host: Bruce Milliken

Nov 23, 2006
Sidney Segalowitz, Brock University - READINGS (1) (2)
     Individual differences in the error-related negativity (ERN): a window on self-regulation?
Host: Louis Schmidt

Dec 7, 2006
Julie Desjardins, McMaster University - THESIS DEFENSE COLLOQUIUM
     The behavioural ecology and endocrinology of cooperative breeding in the cichlid fish,
     Neolamprologus pulcher
Host: Paul Faure

Jan 11, 2007
Valerie Stone, University of Queensland
     The relationship between social attachment and place attachment
Host: Mel Rutherford

Jan 18, 2007
Valerie Kuhlmeier, Queen's University
     Detecting intentionality and intentions during infancy.
Host: Mel Rutherford

Jan 25, 2007
Denys deCaranzaro, McMaster University
Host: Elliot Beaton

Alison Fleming, University of Toronto at Mississauga
     Mothering begets mothering: is the rat model a useful one?
Host: Ayesha Khan

Feb 15, 2007 - TO BE RE-SCHEDULED
Carl Gaspar, McMaster University - THESIS DEFENSE COLLOQUIUM
     Using psychophysics and facial statistics to understand the information underlying face identification.
Host: Pat Bennett/Allison Sekuler

Mar 01, 2007
Matthew Xu-Friedman, University of Buffalo, SUNY
     Temporal computation in the auditory brainstem.
Host: Paul Faure

Mar 08, 2007
Marc Breedlove, Michigan State University - READINGS (1)
     Challenging the dogma of sexual differentiation.
Host: Mertice Clark

Mar 15, 2007
Michael Weliky, University of Rochester
     Visual cortical network dynamics during sensory coding development.
Host: Kathryn Murphy

Wednesday, Mar 21, 2007 - Note special day and location - ITB-137
Richard Davidson, University of Wisconsin - SPECIAL Brain Awareness Week Colloquium
     Buddha's brain: neuroscientific research on the meditation & transformation of attention & emotion.
Host:   Paul Faure

Mar 22, 2007
Beverly Wright, Northwestern University - READINGS (1) (2)
     Auditory perceptual learning
Host: Deda Gillespie

Mar 29, 2007
Gina Turrigiano, Brandeis University - READING (1)
    The self-tuning brain: homeostatic plasticity in developing cortical networks.
Host: Suzanna Becker

Apr 19, 2007
Suzanna Becker, McMaster University
     Modulatory and memory functions of the hippocampus: linking memory, stress, mood and      neurogenesis.
Host: Larry Roberts

May 03, 2007
Carol Barnes, University of Arizona - READINGS (1) (2)
     Hippocampal function in aging: plasticity, circuit dynamics and memory
Host: Ron Racine


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