Admission Requirements

Ontario High School Requirements for 2017 Entry into McMaster University

At McMaster University, students entering Level I (first year) normally complete a common first year program and then select a specific discipline program (such as our programs listed above) as they enter Level II (second year).  Students interested in the PNB programs usually apply to Life Sciences I or Social Sciences 1 as their first year programs.  The following are the required high school courses for each of these Year 1 programs with the intent of applying to a PNB program for Year 2.

Faculty of Science (Life Sciences I) (B.Sc.)
Ontario High School Curriculum requirements - six Grade 12 U/M courses including:
English U (ENG4U)
Advanced Functions U (MHF4U)
Biology U (SBI4U)
One of Chemistry U (SCH4U), Physics U (SPH4U), or Calculus & Vectors U (MCV4U).
Anticipated percentage cut-off 87-90%
Note 1:  Applicants without Calculus & Vectors U will be required to take an equivalent Calculus course in Year I
Note 2:  For students interested in the Hons BSc Neuroscience program, it is recommended that you have all three of Chemistry U (SCH4U), Physics U (SPH4U), and Calculus & Vectors U (MCV4U).  For this program, students may wish to apply to Chemical & Physical Sciences I for their first year program (anticipated cut-off 82-85%).

Faculty of Social Sciences (Social Sciences I) (B.A.)
Ontario  High School Curriculum requirements - Six Grade 12 U/M courses including:
English U (ENG4U).
Anticipated percentage cut-off 75-78%.
Note:  Biology U (SBI4U), Advanced Functions U (MHF4U), and Calculus & Vectors U (MCV4U) are highly recommended. Applicants without these courses will be required to take equivalent courses in Year I.

For students from other Canadian provinces, for International students, part-time students, and transfer students, information on Admissions Requirements can be found on the Registrar Office web site under ‘Future Students’

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