Earning a degree is the first step of many that can contribute to the development of a fulfilling career.

The following PDFs list careers pursued by alumni from the Faculty of Science:

Who Hires Biochemistry Graduates

Who Hires Biology Graduates

Who Hires Chemistry Graduates

Who Hires Environmental and Earth Science Graduates

Who Hires Kinesiology Graduates

Who Hires Life Science Graduates

Who Hires Math & Statistics Graduates

Who Hires Medical Radiation Science Graduates

Who Hires Physics Graduates

Who Hires Psychology Graduates

Many of the careers presented appear on several of the lists because a B.Sc. degree can be applied to a wide variety of careers across many industries. Remember, a degree does not create a career. Careers develop from the combination of your education, interests, work style preferences, and values. Students are encouraged to attend SCCE Career Events and/or come into our office and speak with a Career Advisor about their career plans.


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