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Wondering what you can do with your biochemistry degree?

Conduct some career research using the resources provided on the left. Learn what job titles are associated with your degree, what transferable skills you are developing, where alumni have gone to work, what job boards are associated with your degree and more!



      Look below at a list of possible career titles you can pursue with a degree in biochemistry. This list is not comprehensive, as there are many careers within the field.

      Anesthesiologist - a physician who specializes in administering medications or other agents that prevent or relieve pain, especially during surgery

      Biochemistry Technologist - provide technical research and experimental support, examine and analyze body fluids, tissues and cells, prepare specimens for examination, count cells and look for abnormal cells, analyze data, write up reports and may supervise a laboratory

      Biotechnologist - work with living organisms, particularly microorganisms, in industrial processes to create useful products or processes. There are three main fields: health and medicine, agriculture and animal husbandry and industry.

      Biomedical Engineer - design new medical monitoring, diagnostic equipment, as well as set up and maintain biomedical equipment, and or analyze and design prosthetic and orthotic devices

      Clinical biochemist - working in hospitals and or laboratories they provide investigative, diagnostic and advisory services to clinicians and other professionals, as well as work on research projects

      Cytologist - a scientist who studies the structure and function of cells, the examination of tissue samples

      Forensic scientist - examine traces of material that may be used as potential evidence in court cases, or used for insurance claims. Forensics Scientists take the current situation and work backwards to find out what happened

      Formulation Chemist - work to create products by the mixing of compounds, which do not react

      Geneticist - a scientist that studies genes and their characteristics, positions vary, but many work in a hospital or a laboratory, in the biotechnology industry, as a doctor or as a cousellor.

      Immunologist - a medical scientist who specializes in immunology, which is the study of the body's natural defense mechanisms against disease

      Patent Attorney - is a registered attorney or agent employed by an inventor to draft a patent application in a manner that meets the statutory requirements for the grant of a patent

      Perfumer - mainly work in one of two categories: fine fragrance toiletries, the creation of perfumes for fashion houses or for the creation of scents for products, i.e. deodorants or shampoos

      Pharmacist - a health care professional who prepares and distributes medicine to people, as well as deliver information about medicine

      Quality assurance officer - design, development and implement systems and procedures for ensuring the quality control of a product or situation. May supervise the procedures and equipment used in manufacturing plants or labs

      Sales executive - promote and market products within the science industry. Products could range from lab equipment to pharmaceuticals

      Toxicologist - one who studies the nature and effects of poisons and their treatment generally through the examination of tissues, blood and urine, develops new and better ways to determine the potential harmful effects of chemical and physical agents and the amount (dosage) that will cause these effects.

      Information scientist, Patent agent or Patent examiner - will use their knowledge and expertise to collect, abstract, analyse and organize data to ensure meeting government or industry specifications

      Virologist - a specialist in the study of viruses and diseases caused by viruses

      Other Potential Careers:

      • bacteriologist
      • cytogeneticist
      • dairy bacteriologist
      • dairy scientist
      • demonstrator, department of agriculture
      • descriptive toxicologist
      • entomologist
      • environmental and occupational toxicologist
      • environmental biologist
      • environmental toxicologist
      • food bacteriologist
      • food scientist
      • helminthologist
      • herpetologist
      • histologist
      • human physiologist
      • ichthyologist
      • immunologist
      • industrial bacteriologist
      • industrial forester
      • insect physiologist
      • instructor, department of agriculture
      • molecular geneticist
      • molecular physiologist
      • mycologist
      • naturalist
      • nematologist
      • pharmaceutical bacteriologist
      • pharmacologist
      • plant nematologist
      • plant pathologist
      • plant physiologist
      • plant population biologist
      • plant scientist
      • plant taxonomist
      • population geneticist
      • poultry scientist
      • private lands forester
      • professional agrologist
      • professional agrologist (
      • professional forester
      • project forester
      • protozoologist
      • public health bacteriologist

      Major Fields

      Look below to find information that may help you narrow your work search, or help you choose a program of study. Remember it's best to pick something you are interested in. This list is not a comprehensive list of all fields within biochemistry.

      Antibiotics - class of natural and synthetic compounds that inhibits the growth of, or kills, other microorganisms

      Genomics - large scale investigation of the structure and function of genes. This knowledge aids in drug discovery and development, agroscience research, as well as other fields

      Proteomics - The study and cataloging of proteins in the human body. What are the component proteins, how they interact with each other, what kinds of metabolic networks or signaling networks they form, etc. These proteins and how they interact with each other may hold the keys to curing diseases in humans or targets for drug development

      Neurobiology - the branch of biology that deals with the anatomy and physiology and pathology of the nervous system

      Neurochemistry - includes research on the molecular, chemical, and cellular biology of the nervous system

      Reproductive Biochemistry - the study of the biochemistry, physiology, endocrinology, cell biology, genetics and molecular biology relating to human and animal reproduction

      Immunology - the study of disorders and treatments of the immune system including its structure and function, disorders of the immune system, immunization and organ transplantation

      Molecular Biology - the study of genetic composition and the mechanisms of living organisms at the molecular level

      Biotechnology - use of living organisms to make a product or run a process developed through basic research and now applied to research and product development

      Genetic Engineering - manipulation of an organism's genetic material to modify the proteins it produces, the selective, deliberate alteration of genes

      Toxicology - the study of the harmful effects of substances on the body, including the level of toxicity, the mechanism by which toxicity occurs and how it can be controlled, the study of the harmful effects of chemicals on the health of organisms

      Enzymology - the branch of biochemistry dealing with the chemical nature and biological activity of enzymes

      Bioinorganic Chemistry - knowledge of biological functions of metal complexes in living organisms

      Transferable Skills

      Transferable skills are very important. An employee can take these skills and apply them to almost any job at any company in any industry. Employers highly value an individual's transferable skills. These are some of the skills that are developed by graduates from a biochemistry program.

      Communication Skills Computing & Technical Skills
      • Processing and presenting data
      • Structuring written and oral presentations
      • Presenting materials visually
      • Writing professional reports
      • Searching electronic databases
      • Using statistics and computer software packages for data processing
      Work Ethic Information Analysis
      • Adaptable and flexible
      • Self motivated, creative and innovative
      • Ability to learn
      • Project management skills
      • Time management
      • Teamwork
      • Ability to find information
      • Critical evaluation of data
      • Thinking, reasoning and questioning
      • Interpretation of complex material
      • Active listening
      • Ability to form qualitative and quantitative conclusions
      • Identifying, selecting and organizing pertinent information
      Problem Solving Skills
      • Ability to use defined approaches
      • Planning and optimization of resources
      • Application of ideas and models

      Job Boards


      Where Alumni Work

      Take a look at the companies who have hired McMaster graduates in the past. This list is only a sample of potential employers. Google the company name to find out more about the company such as careers and office locations.

      Pharmaceutical Services

      • Aventis Pasteur Ltd.
      • Berlex Canada Inc.
      • Biomira Inc.
      • Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada Inc.
      • BD Pharmingen Canada Inc.
      • Eli Lilly & Co.
      • GlaxoSmithKline
      • New England Biolabs Ltd.
      • MDS Pharma Services
      • Patheon
      • Pfizer Canada Inc.
      • Proctor & Gamble Pharmaceuticals
      • QLT Inc.
      • Spectral Diagnostics
      • Stressgen Biotechnologies Corp.
      • Canada's Research Based Pharmaceutical Companies
      • Canadian Drug Manufacturers Association (CDMA) provides links to all member websites
      • Nonprescription Drug Manufacturers Association of Canada (NDMAC) - provides links to all member websites

      Manufacturing and Industry

      • Cedar Lane Laboratories
      • DENTSPLY Canada Ltd.
      • Du Pont Canada Inc.
      • Inco Limited
      • Lallemand Inc.
      • Noranda Inc.
      • Raypak Canada
      • Stackpole Limited
      • SNC-Lavalin Inc.
      • Tetra Pak
      • Whitehall-Robins Inc.


      • Durham Board of Education
      • Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board
      • Peel Board of Education
      • Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute
      • Ontario Ministry of Education - District School Boards


      • Andres Wines Ltd.
      • Canadian Airlines International Ltd.
      • Ernst & Young LLP
      • Independent Order of Foresters
      • Karmax Heavy Stamping
      • McLean Budden
      • Nestle Canada Inc.
      • Toronto Zoo

      Health Care

      • Abbott Laboratories Limited
      • Brantford General Hospital
      • Cambridge Memorial Hospital
      • London Regional Cancer Centre
      • MDS Health Group Limited
      • Mount Sinai Hospital
      • Ontario Hospital Association
      • Rouge Valley Health System
      • St. Joseph's Hospital, Hamilton - St. Joseph's Health Centre
      • The Hospital for Sick Children
      • Trillium Health Centre
      • Vita-Tech Canada Inc. High Tech Development
      • BCE Emergis Inc.
      • Environics Communication Inc.
      • Gennum Corporation
      • Honeywell Limited
      • Invitrogen Canada Inc.
      • I2 Technologies
      • IBM Canada Ltd.
      • Orchid Biosciences Inc. -
      • Pitney Bowes of Canada Ltd.
      • Sybase Canada
      • Symantec Corporation
      • Xerox Canada Limited

      Government Agencies and Services

      • Citizenship and Immigration Canada
      • Health Canada
      • Department of the Environment Canada
      • Government of Ontario
      • Ministry of Finance
      • Ministry of Health - Ontario Government

      Financial Services and Consulting

      • Accenture Inc
      • Bank of Montreal
      • BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc.
      • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
      • CIBC World Markets Inc.
      • Merrill Lynch Canada Inc.
      • Pricewaterhouse Co-opers LLP
      • Royal Bank of Canada
      • Scotia Capital Inc.
      • Stantec Consulting Ltd.


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