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2016 Group Members

Christal Zhou,
M.Sc. candidate, Crosslinkable Fibres and Films as Cell Supports

Sheilan Sinjari,
M.Sc. candidate, Biodegradable Hydrogel Beads

Sam Ros,
Ph.D. candidate, Novel Charge-Shifting Polymers

Jing Zhao,
Ph.D. candidate, Synthesis and Properties of Multi-responsive Polyampholytes

Alison Stewart, Ph.D. candidate: Hydrogel Networks through Diels-Alder and Thiol-Ene Click Chemistry

Rachelle Kleinberger, Ph.D. candidate: Synthesis and Properties of Cell-Compatible Polymers and Hydrogels

Rachelle Lassalline, Hon.B.Sc. candidate, New Thiol-Ene-based Polymer Networks

Derrick Hastings, Hon.B.Sc. candidate, New Charge Shifting Monomers and Polymers

Nick Burke, Ph.D., Thermally sensitive polymers and polyelectrolytes, Lab Manager

Graduate and PostDoc Alumni

Laurent Goujon,
2013, Post Doctoral Fellow, Thin Hydrogel Films

Casey Gardner,
Ph.D. 2012, Temporarily Reactive Polymers for Cell Encapsulation

Padraic Foley,
M.Sc. 2011, Conformal coating of cells with reactive polymers

Sara Mohajeri, M.Sc. 2011, Core-Crosslinked Hydrogel Capsules (Ph.D. Candidate, Chemical Engineering, Queens U., Kingston)

Jeffrey (Jian) Li, Ph.D. 2010, Multi-layer polymer capsules (Senior Researcher, 3M Canada, London, ON)

Jafar Mazumder, Ph.D. 2009, Self-crosslinkable polyelectrolytes for cell encapsulation (Senior Researcher, Polymer Source, Montreal)

Janice Hickey, M.Sc. December 2008, Polyurea / Nanoclay composite capsules (LanXess, London, Ont.)

Yan Xia, M.Sc.
August 2005, ATRP of NIPAM (Ph.D, CalTech, Dow, Michigan)

M. Mukkaram Ali, Ph.D. Sep. 2004, Interfacial ATRP of Amphiphilic Monomers (Boston Biotech)

Erica Robinson, M.Sc. August 2004,  ATRP Grafting from Gel Coated Microspheres (Nova Chemicals, Calgary, AB).

Xiangchun Yin, Ph.D. July 2004, Designing novel Hydrogel Microspheres from Liquid-Liquid Phase Trasitions of Aqueous Polymer Solutions (Senior Researcher, Natrix Inc., Burlington, Ontario)

Lisa Croll, Ph.D. February 2004, Novel Polymer Capsules via Self-Assembly of Polymer Colloids. (Group Leader, 3M Canada)

Pauly Kavalakatt, M.Sc. Feb 2002, A Study of the Chemical Cleavage of Benzylic-Silicon Bonds (Lecturer, Cal. College, Ca).

Anna Shulkin,
Ph.D. June 2002, Preformed Polymers as Building Blocks in Microencapsulations (Senior Researcher, Syngenta, Guelph).

Guodong Zheng,
Ph.D. Sept. 2002, Polymer Microspheres with Surface and Interior Grafts. (Johns Manville, Denver, CO)

Ester Goh,
M.Sc. 2001, A Study of Copolymer Networks formed from Methacrylic Acid and Poly(ethylene glycol) Methylether Methacrylate. (Senior Researcher, Global Latex, Singapore)

Jeffrey Downey,
Ph.D. 2000, Precipitation Polymerization to Monodisperse Microspheres (Manager, Business Development, Kevlar Plant and Reinforced Materials, DuPont Canada)

Randy Frank,
Ph.D. 2000, Functional Polymer Networks from Divinylbenzene and Maleic Anhydride (Director of Research, 3M Canada)

Janevieve Jones,
M.Sc. 1999, Novel Polyelectrolyte Complexes (Tech. Research, AT Plastic).

Daryl Vanbesien,
M.Sc. 1999, Polyurea Microcapsules (Xerox Research Centre Canada).

Karen Moffat, Ph.D. 1998, Synthesis and Evaluation of Model Initiator / reversible Terminating Adducts for the Stable Free Radical Polymerization Process (Manager, Xerox Research Centre Canada)

Quan Sheng, PhD. 1997, Functional Polymers derived from 4-Methylstyrene (Senior researcher, USA)

Fadi Asfour, M.Sc. 1997, Responsive Polymer Composites: LLDPE/Phenolphthalein Disodium Blends

Lorenzo Ferrari, M.Sc. 1995, Synthesis of Styrenic Polymers by Living Cationic Polymerization. (Research Manager, Syngenta Canada)

Kai Li, Ph.D. 1994, Functional Crosslinked Polymer Microspheres (Avery Dennison, USA)

Su Li, M.Sc. 1991, Living Polystyrene Anions terminated with Difulvene

Senior Thesis Alumni

Allison Abdilla, Hon.B.Sc., 2016, Multi-responsive Polyampholytes

Christal Zhou,
Hon.B.Sc., 2016, Electrospun Polymer Fibres

Noel Garber,
Hon.B.H.Sc., 2016, Multiporous Alginate Beads

Caitlin McNamara,
Hon. B. Sc. 2015, Synthetic Polymers as Alginate Replacements

Michael Coulson,
Hon. B.Sc. 2015, Novel Thiol-Ene Polymer Systems

Jeff Suen,
Hon. B. Sc. 2015, Controlled Thickness Hydrogel Films

Shivanthi Sriskhanda,
Hon. B. Sc. 2013, Thin Films as Cell Supports

Ankita Dubey,
2012, Synthesis and Characterization of Polyampholytes

Alison Stewart,
2011, Hydrogel films for cell studies

Onintza Ros, 2011, Itaconic Anhydride-based Polymers for Cell Encapsulation

Jared Wiseman, 2010, Design of Polymers for Microencapsulation

Jong-Wook Kim, 2009, Controlled Polymerization of Polyamines

Casey Mills, 2008, Polymers for Cell Encapsulation

Rachelle Kleinberger, 2007, Model Tectocapsules

Fletcher Agostino
, 2007, Functional Polymers for Cell Encapsulation

TingTing Mu
, 2006, Watersoluble Polymers for Therapeutic Cell Encapsulation

Mehul Haria
, Polymer Microspheres with High Glass Transition Temperatures by Dispersion Polymerization, 2004

Steven Carew
, Composition Control of thermally responsive polymers, 2002

Connie Tse
, Responsive Polymer Capsules, 2002

Mark Marynowicz
, The Use of Maleic Anhydriode Copolymers in Interfacial Reaction Microcapsule Formation, 2001

James Varghese
, Microencapsulations of Poly(t-butylstyrene-alt-maleoic anhydride) with watersoluble polyamines, 2001

Kendra Flagler
, Thermo-Responsive Polymers, 2000

Poonam Jain
, Oxidation of Styrenic Polymers, 1999

Geoff McIsaac
, Microgels: The Window between Highly Crosslinked and Linear Polymers, 1998

Mike Harrison, Microencapsulation by Complex coacervation and copolymerization of DVB and Maleic Anhydride, 1997

Ewan DeSilva
, Design of New Materials by Emulsifier-free Emulsion Polymeriation, 1995

Ivan DeSouza
, Novel Microspheres by Precipitation Polymerization, 1994

Robert T. Shaver
, Functionalization of Poly(4-methylstyrene) Films and Membranes, 1992

Frank Lenzmann
, Investigations of Thin Film Electroluminescent Display devices, 1993

Stephen Sundquist, Living Anionic Polymerization of Alkylmethacrylates, 1991

Lorenzo Ferrari
, Cobalt-catalyzed Oxidation of Poly(4-methylstyrene), 1991

Carl Brown, Template Polymers based on Crown Ethers., 1990

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