Supporting, Celebrating, and Advocating for Women in Science and Engineering

McMaster WISE Initiative

About WISE


The McMaster Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Initiative is an integrated network of academics, and professionals in science and engineering, whose mission it is to support, celebrate and advocate for women in science and engineering at McMaster University.


Our main objectives are to create a supportive network of female mentors, increase issue-specific education for students, and facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration and communication. The WISE Initiative uses a multifaceted approach, through:


• Networking: Social events and mentor list
• Fostering academics: Professional development workshops and our annual multi-disciplinary research conference (CREST)
• Showcasing research by female students in science and engineering


• Movie nights showcasing women in science and engineering
• Invited speakers (female industry leaders and academics)


• Instigating and facilitating discussion with senior administrators regarding women in science and engineering
• Communicating with other WISE groups across Canada


The McMaster WISE Initiative was formed after a survey of female graduate students conducted during the summer of 2006 revealed a strong need for a forum at McMaster University in which female graduate students can identify, discuss, and learn about gender-related issues specific to their field of work and study. Under the initial leadership of 10 female graduate students from various science and engineering departments at McMaster University, the McMaster WISE Initiative began by offering biweekly science talks featuring women in science and engineering, as well as a round table conference, which has since evolved into our annual conference. Learn about our previous events.