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IYGU– International Year of Global Understanding

The 2016 International Year of Global Understanding will be proclaimed this coming September 13, 2015 by the three International Councils of the natural, social and human sciences (ICSU, ISSC and CIPSH) at the World Social Science Forum in Durban, South Africa. This will be the kick-off for IYGU and Future Earth related activities for the next years.

The 2016 International Year of Global Understanding is a cross-disciplinary outreach project with an educational and science orientation whose bottom-up logic complements the existing sustainability policies and international research programs. International Council for Science (ICSU) Declaration. International Council for Philosophy
and Human Sciences (CIPSH) Declaration.


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Advances in Spatial Data Handling and GIS.
Yeh, A.G.O.; Shi, W.; Leung, Y.; Zhou, C. (Eds.)


Satellite Communications, Nazzareno Diodato



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In 2014 The Commission plans to co-organize an international conference in Hong Kong on geographical modeling and intelligent geocomputation with the AAG Quantitative Geography Specialty Group, the Quantitative Geography Group of the Geographical Society of China, and the Japanese Geographical Association. In 2015. The Commission plans to co-organize a conference in the United Kingdom on the modeling of urban and regional development with the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at UCL 2016. The Commission plans to organize sessions at the IGU conference.
We expect to stimulate theoretical and applied research in geographical modeling as well as quantitative analysis of spatial and temporal data in these meetings. The Commission will explore other collaborations throughout the next four-year term.

The Commission is strongly committed to the encouragement of scholarly publication derived from the work of its members and their contributions to symposia. Theoretical and empirical research will be published as special issues in journals and edited volumes in books.

The Commission plans to organize sponsored sessions with academic and research organizations in the years to follow. Collaborations with other Commissions will also be made to capitalize on our capabilities in formulating formal and practical approaches to solve problems relevant to the missions of the Commissions concerned.

A special conference for 'New Models in Geography' project is planned for North Queensland in 2009 and in principle agreement has been reached for sponsorship by the Australian Research Council Research Network in Spatially Integrated Social Sciences (ARCRNSISS).

The Commission intends to further expand its membership by actively engaging geographers in our initiatives and activities, and to become members of the Commission.