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Kinesiology's Vision and Mission


Our vision is to be acclaimed for innovation and excellence in research and teaching, and to be recognized for the high quality of our graduates.


Our mission is the discovery, communication and application of knowledge through the multi-disciplinary study of human movement, exercise and the relationships between physical activity and health.  This approach incorporates biological, psychological, sociological, historical, organizational and professional practice perspectives.  We aim to inspire a passion for lifelong learning and discovery, and strive to prepare our students to become leaders and valued members of society.


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Martin Gibala in the News
There's alot of conflicting information
out there about what's good for you
and what's not. Click here for the Chicago
Tribune interview with Martin.
Stu Phillips and Maureen MacDonald
Time and age are no longer viable excuses
for not exercising.  Even being out of shape
can't stop you now.   Click here
Martin Gibala in the News
Can we get fit in five minutes?
Knowing we have to exercise to stay
(or get) in shape is a given. There are
varying opinions on how much and what
kind of exercise is necessary to get  a
healthy life and a healthier body.
Click here for the Toronto Star story
To get the skinny on your best workout
options, Click here 
Kathleen Martin Ginis in the News
$1 Million has been awarded to
Martin Ginis to investigate how to
increase physical activity in people
with spinal cord injuries. Martin Ginis
says physical activity can be highly
beneficial to the physical and psychological
well-being and quality of life.  For more
details Click here
Dave Wilson in the News
O.U.C.H. champs feeling no pain
McMaster's Hip Hip dance team,
Unmarked, has won its fourth Ontario
University Championship in Hip Hop. 
Faculty advisor, Wilson says this
year's was the strongest performance
Mac has had in its four wins in the l
ast five years. For details  Click here
Bob Henderson in the News
Nature First: Outdoor Life the Friluftsvil
Way, Henderson and Nils Vikander,
have written the first English language
anthology to bring together the perspectives
and experiences of the "free air life". 
For more details Click here


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McMaster students applying to transfer to Kinesiology for 2008-09 academic year, must submit the supplementary application form by April 30, 2008.


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