All courses for every first-year Science student will be delivered online this fall. A limited number of students in their second, third and fourth years will return to campus for part of the semester.

Level II Program Selection

Applying to Your Level II Program:

To review the admission requirements for the program(s) you are applying to in the newly released 2020-21 Undergraduate Calendar, click here.

Beginning early April via Mosaic, apply to your 2021-2022 Fall/Winter programs.

  1. Log-in to Mosaic.
  2. Click "Student Center"
  3. Click "My Academics" 
  4. Click "Program/Plan Application" 

Please consider the following information before choosing potential programs: 

  • You may apply to a maximum of four programs.
  • Rank order your program choices carefully.
  • During the admission selection process, if you are admitted to your FIRST choice, you will NOT be evaluated for any other programs.
  • During the admission selection process, if you are NOT admitted to your first choice of program, then you will be evaluated for your second choice, and so on.

Deadline to apply is end April, 2021.

How to view Your Program:

In early June, check your Mosaic Student Center to see the program to which you have been admitted for Fall/Winter 2021/2022. 

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