McMaster University will continue to host undergraduate academic activities remotely for the Spring/Summer/Intersession term with only a few exceptions for courses that need student access to specialized equipment.

Level I Programs

Gateway Programs

The Faculty of Science Level I Gateway programs provide students with a wide range of Level II program options. Careful course planning can help students meet the course requirements for almost all Honours B.Sc. programs that begin in Level II. At the end of Level I, students rank order and apply to up to four Honours programs.

We offer the following Level I Gateway programs:

students in the Chemical & Physical Sciences program

Chemical & Physical Sciences

students in the Environmental & Earth Sciences program

Environmental & Earth Sciences

students in the Life Sciences program

Life Sciences

students in the Mathematics & Statistics program

Mathematics & Statistics

For more information about Level I programs, please visit the McMaster Undergraduate Calendar and the McMaster Academic Planner (M.A.P.).

For instruction on how to apply to the Level II programs of your choice, see the Level II Program Selection section of this website.

NOTE: Before selecting Level II courses, it is very important that students review the admission requirements for each of the Level II programs that they are considering. Most students continue in a program from the same area of study (for example, an Environmental & Earth Sciences I student might select Honours Environmental Sciences or Honours Earth & Environmental Sciences for Level II). Some students discover a new area of interest and change their original direction (for example, a Mathematics & Statistics I student may opt to move into Honours Physics).

Direct Entry Programs

In contrast to the Level I Gateway programs, students enter directly into these programs and the first-year curriculum is a set of prescribed, required courses that must be completed before advancing to Level II of the program.

The Faculty offers the following Level I Direct-Entry programs (and degrees):

students in the Honours Integrated Science program

Honours Integrated Science

students in the Honours Kinesiology program

Honours Kinesiology

students in the Medical Radiation Sciences program

Medical Radiation Sciences

For more information about Level I programs, please visit the McMaster Undergraduate Calendar and the McMaster Academic Planner (M.A.P.).

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