Pharmacology 4C03: Principles of Toxicology


The objective of this course is to provide information about the mechanisms whereby naturally occurring and man-made chemicals produce toxic effects in biological systems. Both chemical and biological determinants of toxic effects will be examined. The questions of how to test for potential toxic actions and whether these can be predicted from chemical structures will be examined.

Depth of coverage of the fundamental principles of toxicology (absorption, distribution, exposures and pathways to man, dose-response relationships, antagonism, synergism and analytical aspects) will be assessed. Coverage of toxic agents (PCBs, dioxins, pesticides, metals, biological toxins, and radiation/radioactive materials) and treatment of environmental and occupational toxicology (food contamination, air pollution, water and soil pollution, workplace hazards and regulatory aspects) will be accomplished through problem-based learning using actual case histories or events.

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