About the BioPharm Program

As of September 1, 2018, the administration of the program will be housed in the Faculty of Health Sciences.  Our unique program has always been, and continues to be, a joint program with strong links to both the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Science - a true interdisciplinary program.

New students starting in September 2018 will get a BHSc degree, existing students will have a choice of continuing as a BSc student or switching towards a BHSc degree.  Please let Dr. Huizinga know if you want to switch.  If we do not hear from you, you will continue as a BSc student.  The program you will follow is exactly the same in both streams.

The Honours Biology & Pharmacology Program at McMaster University combines courses from the Department of Biology in the Faculty of Science with those from the Faculty of Health Sciences. Biology courses provide wide exposure to modern biological concepts and techniques, while specialized Pharmacology courses provide students with skills in theoretical and practical aspects of the actions and uses of drugs.

The program offers a unique blend of instruction that utilizes the principles of Problem-based Learning and an extensive Co-operative Education Component.

Students enter the Honours Biology & Pharmacology Program after completion of two years of an Honours Biology (or equivalent) program. Candidates are interviewed to ensure their suitability for co-operative work term placements, and begin their first co-op work term after completing at least three full years of university level preparation.

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There are many aspects of the program that set it apart:

  • Limited enrollment to twenty students per year
  • High instructor to student ratios in both tutorial and lab courses
  • Problem based learning: self directed approach to researching and learning about many aspects of Pharmacology
  • Up to 12 months of coop experience in major areas such as academia, government and pharmaceutical industries
  • 9 unit senior thesis can be combined with work terms and may be conducted outside of McMaster University
  • Possibility to develop professional networking through work terms with coop supervisors and program instructors
  • Fully paid coop placements
  • Excellent preparation for graduate or professional schools and the job market

Further information is available for Prospective Students.


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