Thesis Topics 2012

 Student Thesis Title  Supervisor  Institution
M. Ahmadzai Characterizing K+ channel conductances in bovine intrathoracic lymphatic smooth muscle cells.  L.J. Janssen  McMaster University
Z. Akbar Communication of Health Economic Evaluations: Deciphering the barriers to use and understanding of economic evaluations to facilitate better communication strategies.

*S. Sullivan

*M. Sabharwal

**C. Bell

*pan Canadian Oncology Drug Review

**University of Toronto

A. Altman Changes in physical function and joint pain are associated with longitudinal quadriceps muscle and intermuscular fat volume. Changes in the thighs of women in the Osteoarthritis initiative.  K. Beattie  McMaster University
P. Choi Risk assessment on Para-phenylenediamine in hair dye cosmetic products.  J. Field  Health Canada
R. Crawford Inhibition of fibrinolytic factor plasmin by covalent Antithrombin-Heparin complex (ATH) and Antithrombin + Heparin.  A.K.C. Chan  McMaster University
K. Fung Provincial oncology drug funding in Canada: Impact of the incremental cost-effectiveness ratio (ICER) on decision making.  B. Kuriakose  Janssen Inc.
A. Heffernan Mechanism by which T-cell death associated gene 51 (TDAG51) induces apoptosis.  R. Austin  McMaster University
S. Hennessy An examination of breast cancer laterality and comparisons of breast tissue composition.  N. Boyd  Princess Margaret Hospital
S. Higgins Development of a suite of biomarkers in Lasmigona costata. Prospects for efficient, cost effective environmental monitoring in the Grand River.  P. Gillis  Environment Canada
A. Irshad The development of the endothelial colony forming cell (ECFC) culture technique as a reproducible assay to assess vessel formation.  R. Sehmi  Firestone Institute for Respiratory Health
R. Jandoc Measuring the effectiveness of Health Canada issued/endorsed dear health care professional letters using an interrupted time series analysis study method.  S. Reid  Health Canada
M. Lee Critical assessment of the cost-effectiveness literature on advanced practice nurses (APNs) and development of a framework for future economic evaluations of APN roles.  D.A. Marshall  University of Calgary
N. Leon Pathogenisis in Alzheimer’s disease: Uncovering the involvement of the TRPM2 channel an associated proteins.  M. Jackson  University of Toronto
C. McCurry The effect of bacterial and viral exacerbation in a cigarette smoke exposure mouse model of COPD using ventilation and perfusion imaging as a measure of lung function.  R. Labiris  McMaster University
 T. Mehta The role of regulatory T cells in the regulation of HDM-induced allergic responses in adults versus neonates.  M. Jordana  McMaster Univsersity
 Z. Qureshi Inducing anergy in allergic human CD4+ T-cells mediates its CCR4+ expression in-vitro.  M. Larche  McMaster University
V. Vaitheeswaran The effect of Hydroxyurea-induced oxidative stress on heat shock protein 86 expression and localization in mouse embryos.  B. Hales  McGill University
B. Wat The effects of four seeds (salba, poppy, sesame and flax) on postprandial glycemia, vascular measures, appetite and sensory parameters.  V. Vuksan St. Michael's Hospital 
 S. Ye Elucidating the role of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor in the ability of cigarette smoke to skew host response to infection.  M. Stampfli  McMaster University


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