Assessing the BioPharm Thesis Defence

While listening to the presentations, the examiners will ask themselves the following questions and then allot an overall mark:

  • Did the student give a brief succinct outline of the study proposed?
  • Were the objectives of the study clearly stated?
  • Did the student explain clearly why the particular approach(es) were taken?
  • Did the student state what she/he expected to find using the approaches defined?
  • Did the student appear to understand the conceptual basis of the approach(es) used?
  • Did the student know the strengths/weaknesses of the approach(es) used?
  • Were the statistical tests appropriate?
  • Were the results presented clearly (important issues highlighted?)
  • Did the student explain clearly the significance of the results obtained?
  • Was the student able to give reasons for failure of a particular approach (may/may not occur)?
  • Was the student able to suggest further avenues for exploration?



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