Thesis Topics 2007

Student Thesis Title Supervisor Institution
S. Ahmed Pharmacological characterization of the muscarinic M1 receptor E. Grazzini AstraZeneca R & D, Montreal
D.Q. Cuu Transgenerational effects of fetal and neonatal exposure to nicotine A. Holloway McMaster University
F.A. DiGiovanni Concurrent dual allergen exposure and its effects on airway hyperresponsiveness and airway remodeling in a mouse model of chronic allergen challenge M. Inman McMaster University
N.S. Hassanali In vitro studies examining alternate photodynamic therapy protocols for treating brain cancer S. Bisland Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto
D. Kavanaugh Prognostic biomarkers in rheumatoid arthritis S. Otawa Amgen Canada Inc.
S. Lauricella The effects of sampling delay and pretreatment condition on the performance of several small-volume, valved holding chambers M. Dolovich McMaster University
N. Malik Investigation of mechanisms of the novel anti-herpes simplex virus-1 drugs ISIS 5652 and salubrinal D.M. Coen Harvard Medical School
A.M. Maxim The effect of anti-interleukin-9 monoclonal antibody on mast cell-mediated peanut-induced anaphylaxis M. Jordana McMaster University
R. Noronha Investigating the mechanisms of visceral organ cross-talk B. Greenwood-Van Meerveld University of Oklahoma
C. Paredes E-ring isoprostane augments cholinergic neurotransmission from parasympathetic nerves in bovine airway smooth L. Janssen McMaster University
R. Poon Signalling in radiation-induced bystander effects C. Mothersill McMaster University
I. Raizman Differential responses of articular cartilage chondrocyte subpopulations to mechanical stimulation R. Kandel Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto
N. Ramakrishnan Characterization of functional P2X expression in neuropathic and inflammatory rat dorsal root ganglia C. Cao AstraZeneca R & D, Montreal
J.M. Rybicka Intestinal inflammation interferes with the expression and trafficking of the GLUT-2 glucose transporter in a GnT-IVa-dependent manner W. MacNaughton University of Calgary
V. Seto E-ring isoprostane-mediated effects on ion transport in bovine tracheal epithelium L. Janssen McMaster University
A. Shimanovsky Capsule-in-Capsule: an alternative drug delivery method for the administration of acid-sensitive pharmaceutical compounds P. Dawson GlaxoSmithKline
W.M. Stallaert Optimized immunohistochemistry and quantification of interstitial cells of Cajal: solving the paraffin problem L. Liu McMaster University
W.R. Tong The burden of type II diabetes in Ontario R. Goeree McMaster University
C.S. Trambitas A structure activity relationship study of inhibitors of CYP 1A1, CYP 1A2 and CYP 1B1 D.J. Crankshaw McMaster University
M. Yamamura Investigative database analysis into drug-drug interactions concerning risperidone and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in patients with schizophrenia A. Lam Janssen-Ortho Inc.
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