Volume 4 (2000)

Contents: Volume 4 (2000)

Project Reports

Simon A. Hirota, Jill R. Johnson, Anna Lisa Lucido & Ryan J. Ward
The endothelium-dependent relaxation of rat thoracic aorta: Correlation between polyphenol content in wine and pharmacological response
BioPharm Journal ONLINE 4:1 (2000) [Abstract]

Aneela Pasha, Trevor Boudreau, Iain Forbes & Sandra Harb
The preliminaries of patch clamping with PC12 Cells
BioPharm Journal ONLINE 4:2 (2000) [Abstract]

D.S. Macdonald, A.P. Bosco, & P.A. Hyrnyk
Characterization of adenosine receptors in canine colonic muscularis mucosae, longitudinal muscle and circular muscle
BioPharm Journal ONLINE 4:3 (2000) [Abstract]

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