Volume 6 (2002)

Contents: Volume 6 (2002)

Project Reports

M. T. Duong, C. L. Baker, S. Pacitto & A. Rutledge
NMDA-receptor mediated cell death in RGC-5 and RMC cultures
BioPharm Journal ONLINE 6:1 (2002) [Abstract]

Micaela Roberts, Ilia Ferrusi, Joseph Kwofie & Sara Tavakoli
Comparing the anthelmintic properties of ascaridole, ivermectin and thiabendazole on the model nematode C. elegans
BioPharm Journal ONLINE 6:2 (2002) [Abstract]

Lisa Watkins, Chantale Blattler & Jeremy Hirota
An investigation into the in vitro responses of C57/BL6 & IL-10KO mouse tracheas to spasmogens
BioPharm Journal ONLINE 6:3 (2002) [Abstract]

A. Mullen, G. Awong, L. Feldcamp, C. Fong & R.J. Scarborough
The effect of atrazine on aromatase activity in human granulosa cells
BioPharm Journal ONLINE 6:4 (2002) [Abstract]

Robert Bonin, Gareth Lim, Kelly Plaku & Tracey Schmidt
The IC50 method: An alternate assay for quantification of receptor antagonists in porcine urinary bladder
BioPharm Journal ONLINE 6:5 (2002) [Abstract]

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