Volume 8 (2004)

Contents: Volume 8 (2004)

Project Reports

Carolyn Cesta, Andrea Pansoy & Dave Prescott
A comparison of the effects of green and black tea on 3-methylcholanthrene treated rat hepatic microsomes using three resorufin-based substrates
BioPharm Journal ONLINE 8:1 (2004) [Abstract]

Gary Mo Zhi Lin, Lauren Dunphy & Jennifer Thomson
Muscarinic modulation of ion channels in interstitial cells of Cajal
BioPharm Journal ONLINE 8:2 (2004) [Abstract]

Janine Arkinson, Mohamed Motagally & Danielle Simandl
Excitation-contraction coupling in porcine urinary bladder smooth muscle: ionic mechanisms and calcium sensitization
BioPharm Journal ONLINE 8:3 (2004) [Abstract]

Sevil N-Marandi, Nancy Trimble, & Sori Lee
The effects of neuroleptic drugs on apoptosis inducing factor protein
BioPharm Journal ONLINE 8:4 (2004) [Abstract]

Lindsay Rothwell, Duncan Chege & Sabiha Gardezi
Development of a method to test uterine extensibility under various conditions
BioPharm Journal ONLINE 8:5 (2004) [Abstract]

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