Volume 10 (2006)

Contents: Volume 10

Project Reports

Wayne Stallaert, Nadav Avni, Jennifer Carroll & Vivian Yu
The effect of monosodium glutamate on taste thresholds
BioPharm Journal ONLINE 10:1 (2006) [Abstract]

Maria-Alexandra Petre, Moiz Baig, Christina D'Antonio & Andy K.O. Wong
Effects of cell culture media, exposure to inducers, and dicoumarol on cytochrome p450 activities in HepG2 cells
BioPharm Journal ONLINE 10:2 (2006) [Abstract]

S.L. Rowan, S. Cartlidge, A. Giesler & P. Ostrovsky
Effects of cyclooxygenase inhibitors on histamine-induced contraction of the porcine left coronary artery
BioPharm Journal ONLINE 10:3 (2006) [Abstract]

Faye Peralta, Michael Chmatil & Kokila Rajarathna
Characterization of RGC-5 cells using electrophysiology
BioPharm Journal ONLINE 10:4 (2006) [Abstract]

Carly Moore, Michael Hyrynk, Ryan Lall & Kenneth Ng
Controlled release of nicotine from novel poly(ethylene oxide) silicone elastomers in vitro
BioPharm Journal ONLINE 10:5 (2006) [Abstract]


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