Volume 1 (1997)

Contents: Volume 1 (1997)

Project Reports

Laurel Bowser & Parul Dureja
The ability of caffeine to initiate contraction in rat right ventricular strips previously inhibited by ryanodine or verapamil
BioPharm Journal ONLINE 1:1 (1997) [Abstract]

Liliana Oliveira, Nicole Henry & Gloria Lee
Phenylalanine levels formed by aspartame hydrolysis in comparison with.phenylalanine levels formed by hydrolysis of Phe-Val, Asp-Phe and Phe-Tyr using porcine brush border enzymes
BioPharm Journal ONLINE 1:2 (1997) [Abstract]

Andrea Ling, Christine Ribic & Jewel Samadder
Effects of carbachol, L-NAME and R093877 on electrical activity in the mouse small intestine in a model of distention-induced peristalsis
BioPharm Journal ONLINE 1:3 (1997) [Abstract]

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