Volume 13 (2009)

Contents: Volume 13

Discovery Project Reports

Bryce Poirier, Angela Quach, Cassandra Thomson & Urouje Syed
The effects of chronic nicotine exposure on the sensitivity of rat stomach fundus to bethanechol
BioPharm Journal ONLINE 13:1 (2009) [Abstract]

Saira Kassam, Eva Chan, Jonathan Edwin & Michael Wong
The effects of ginseng on Hoechst 33342 transport by HepG2 cells
BioPharm Journal ONLINE 13:2 (2009) [Abstract]

Sarah Martz, Milosz Kaczmarek, Kathy Feng & Gladys Osien
The influence of increased triglyceride storage in rat adipocytes on respiratory enzyme activities in different fat depots
BioPharm Journal ONLINE 13:3 (2009) [Abstract]

George Wright, Tulsi Jose, Warda Khan & Sara Turner
The effect of Ca2+-activated chloride channel modulators on rat uterine smooth muscle contractility
BioPharm Journal ONLINE 13:4 (2009) [Abstract]

Patrick Schenck, Joyce Mak, Priya Nirmalanantham & Manisha Talukdar
Interleukin-6 attenuates the deterioration of rat skeletal muscle contractions in vitro
BioPharm Journal ONLINE 13:5 (2009) [Abstract]

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