Volume 3 (1999)

Contents: Volume 3 (1999)

Project Reports

Peter W. MacIntosh, Nicole C. Winders, Elsie Yu & Robert W. Zielinski
The specifics of non-specific binding: High throughput radioligand analysis of non-specific binding in porcine urinary bladder membranes
BioPharm Journal ONLINE 3:1 (1999) [Abstract]

N. Blum, B. Chan, T. Ling & S. Sullivan
Quantification of phenol levels in commercial chocolates
BioPharm Journal ONLINE 3:2 (1999) [Abstract]

R.J. Hamilton, C. Jankowski & S. Subramanian
Effects of guaifenesin on canine tracheal epithelium
BioPharm Journal ONLINE 3:3 (1999) [Abstract]

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