Kelly Biagi
Kelly Biagi
Ph.D. Candidate
Burke Science Building, Room 338
(905) 525-9140 ext. 20441
Dr. Sean Carey

I am originally from Kingston, Ontario in Canada and I have an educational background in fresh and salt water environmental chemistry. I am currently studying a thesis-based Master's in Science in Environmental Science at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. I received my Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science with an emphasis in Chemistry with Co-op and Honours at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

I have finished my honours thesis project which involved collecting and analyzing various aspects of water chemistry data such as pH, aluminum, calcium, conductivity as well as precipitation and stage height from the catchment liming experiment on the Maria Brook watershed in New Russell, Nova Scotia. It was one of the first projects in North America to use the addition of crushed limestone to an acidified watershed in attempt to neutralize the soils and surface waters and increase the pH. My Master's thesis project involves examining the hydrochemistry and stable isotopes within a reclamation wetland on the oil sands in Fort McMurray, Alberta to determine the flow pathways of water within the wetland and if the flow pathways are acting similar to a wetland in a natural environment.

  • McMaster University EARTH/ENVIRSC 2W03, Physical Hydrology, 2015-16 T.A.
  • McMaster University ENVIRSC 1A03, Climate and Water, 2014-15 T.A.
  • McMaster University EARTH/ENVIRSC 2W03, Physical Hydrology, 2013-14 T.A.
  • McMaster University EARTH/ENVIRSC 3CC3, Earth's Changing Climate, 2013-14 T.A.
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