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Vera Chouinard
Vera Chouinard
General Science Building, Rm 320
(905) 525-9140 ext. 23518
(905) 546-0463

Dr. Vera Chouinard is a critical social and feminist geographer with interests in issues of social marginalization, state policy, and struggles for social change. She has published widely on topics such as disability and violence in the Global South, impacts of changes in state policy for disabled women's lives, lived geographies of 'madness' and representations of 'mad' women in film, issues of access and accommodation of disability in higher education, feminist geographies of the state, chronic illness and identity, citizenship, and the peripheral legal places of disabled citizens in Canada. Her current research interests include disabled peoples' lives and struggles for social change in the developing nation of Guyana, impacts of economic restructuring on diverse women in northern Canadian communities, autobiographical accounts of madness in place, medical tourism and the Occupy movement.

Geography of gender; Geographies of disability; Disability in the Global South; Experiences and representations of mental ill health; The inclusion and exclusion of women in northern Canadian communities; Emotions and diversity in the Occupy movement.

  • Geog 4UF3 (Course Outline): Geography of Gender (Term Two) 2018-19
  • Geog 729: Applied Social Theories in Human Geography, (Term Two) 2018-19

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V. Chouinard (2015) "Contesting Disabling Conditions of Life in the Global South: Disability Activists' and Service Providers' Experiences in Guyana" Disability & Society. 30(1), 1-14.

K. Cameron, V.A. Crooks, V. Chouinard , R. Johnston, J. Snyder and V. Casey (2014) Motivation, Justification, Normalization: Talk strategies used by Canadian medical
tourists regarding their choices to go abroad for hip and knee surgeries. Social Science and Medicine 106(4), 93-100.

V. Chouinard (2014) "Precarious Lives in the Global South: On being disabled in Guyana" Antipode 46(2), 340-358.

V.A. Crooks, K. Cameron, V.Chouinard , R. Johnston, J. Snyder and V. Casey (2012) Use of medical tourism for hip and knee surgery in osteoarthritis: a qualitative examination of distinctive characteristics among Canadian patients BMC Health Services Research 12, 417, 1-10.

V. Chouinard (2012) Pushing the Boundaries of Our Understanding of Disability and
Violence: Voices from the Global South (Guyana) Disability and Society. 27(6), 777-792.

V. Chouinard (2012) "Mapping Bipolar Worlds: negotiating geographies of 'madness' in autobiographical accounts" Health & Place 18(2) 144-151 (available online since September 2011).

V. Chouinard (2011) "Like Alice Through the Looking Glass" II: the struggle for accommodation continues Resources for Feminist Research 33(3 +4), 161-178.

V. Chouinard (2009) Women with Disabilities' Experiences of Government Employment Assistance in Canada Disability and Rehabilitation 32(2) , 148-158.

V. Chouinard (2009) Placing the "mad woman": troubling socio-spatial representations of being a woman with mental illness in "Girl Interrupted" Social and Cultural Geography 10(7), 791-804.

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