Paulin Coulibaly
Paulin Coulibaly
Professor, Jointly in SEES, and Department of Civil Engineering
General Science Building, Rm 235
(905) 525-9140 ext. 23354
(905) 546-0463

Paulin Coulibaly is currently on research leave.

Dr. Paulin Coulibaly holds a PhD in Civil Engineering from Laval University. He joined McMaster Universty in 2001 from the National Research Institute in Quebec. He holds a joint position in Civil Engineering Department and the School of Earth, Environment & Society. Dr. Coulibaly has been involved in developing hydrologic modelling and forecasting tools for Hydropower Companies, Public and Private Sectors. His research group recently developed MAC-HBV - a hydrologic model for simulating streamflow regime in ungauged basins. MAC-HBV is used by the Ministry Natural Resources for determining environmental flow in Ontario ungauged basins, and is also used around the World. Dr. Coulibaly is internationally known as an expert in Hydroinformatics (Data-Driven Methods developments and applications in Hydrology). His research interest includes: Hydro-climatic modelling; Climate Change and Water Resources Vulnerability; Hydrologic Data Assimilation/Remote Sensing Hydrology.He is Associate Editor of the ASCE Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, and is on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Hydroinformatics.
He is an active member of Professional Engineers Ontario.

Water Resource; Hydroclimatic Modelling and Forecasting; Climate Variability/Change Impact on Water Resources; Hydroinformatics: Statistical and; Dynamic Data-Driven Methods in Hydrologic Data Assimilation.

  • Earth Sc 757: Advanced Statistical & Data Driven Methods in Hydrology, (Term One) 2017-18

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