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Patrick De Luca
Patrick De Luca
GIS Specialist / Sessional Faculty
Burke Science Building, Rm 331A
(905) 525-9140 ext. 27786
(905) 546-0463

Quantitative methods in Geography and GIS; Air Quality Monitoring; Modeling and Mapping; Regional variations in quality of health and health care; Environment and Health; Remote Sensing of the Environment.

  • GEOG 4GT3: Special Topics in GIS - Web GIS, Fall 2019
  • GEOG 3GI3: Advaced Raster GIS, Winter 2020

DeLuca, PF and Kanaroglou, PS (2015). Code Red: explaining average age of death in the City of Hamilton. AIMS Public Health , 2(4): 730-745, doi: 10.3934/publichealth.2015.4.730

DeLuca, PF and Kanaroglou, PS (2015). An Assessment of Online Geocoding Services for Health Research in a Mid-Sized Canadian City. In Kanaroglou, PS, Delmelle, E, Paez, HA (eds). Spatial Analysis in Health Geography, Ashgate Publishing, UK, pp 31-46.

Sword, W, Eyles, J, DeLuca, P, Heaman, M, Kingston, D, Buist, S and Johnston, N. (2015) Place of residence and maternal health behaviours.  European Journal of Public Health, 25(suppl_3), ckv173.038

Sword, W, Eyles, J, DeLuca, P, Heaman, M, Kingston, D, Sheehan, D, Mackie, C, Buist, S, Johnston, N and Sprague, A. (2014) Does neighbourhood matter? A study of maternal health behaviours. Reproductive Sciences, 21(3) 321A-321A

 Kanaroglou, PS, Adams, MD , De Luca, PF , Corr, D, & Sohel, N (2013). Estimation of Sulfur Dioxide Air Pollution Concentrations with a Spatial Autoregressive Model. Atmospheric Environment, 79: 421-427.

DeLuca, PF , Buist, S, Johnston, N (2012). Engaging Communities in Health System Change ? The Code Red Project in Hamilton, Canada. Social Indicators Research, 108(2):317-327.

Adams, MD, DeLuca, PF , Corr, D, Kanaroglou, PS (2012). Mobile Air Monitoring: Measuring Change in Air Quality in the City of Hamilton, 2005 ? 2010. Social Indicators Research 108(2):351-364.

DeLuca, PF , Corr, D, Wallace, J, Kanaroglou, P (2012). Effective Mitigation Efforts to Reduce Road Dust near industrial sites: Assessment by Mobile Pollution Surveys. Journal of Environmental Management, 98: 112-118.

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