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Alan Dickin
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Dr. Alan Dickin research objective is to reconstruct the geological evolution of the Grenville Province of the Canadian Shield. The Grenville has been the most poorly understood province of the Shield, but Nd isotope mapping (Dickin, 2000) has now identified the major crustal terranes that make up the province. My current research involves detailed mapping of individual terrane boundaries in order to understand their geological history, and thereby reconstruct the accretionary growth of the Shield.

Radiogenic Isotope Geology; Crustal evolution in the Grenville Province of the Canadian Shield.

  • Earth Sc 2K03 (Course Outline): Crystallography and Optical Mineralogy, (Term One) 2018-19
  • Earth Sc 3K03 ( Course Outline): Petrology, (Term Two) 2018-19
  • Earth Sc 4T03 (Course Outline): Plate Tectonics & Ore Deposits, (Term Two) 2018-19
  • Earth Sci 709: Radiogenic Isotopes in Earth and Planetary Sciences, (Term One) 2018-19

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(* denotes supervised student)

Dickin, A.P ., Hynes, E.*, Strong, J*. and Wisborg, M*. (2015). Testing a back-arc aulacogen model for the Central Metasedimentary Belt of the Grenville province. GEOL. MAG. Published on line.

Dickin, A.P. and North, R.* (2015). Nd isotope mapping of the Allochthon Boundary Thrust on the shores of Georgian Bay, Ontario: significance for Grenvillian crustal structure and evolution. GEOL. MAG. 152, 993-1008.

Dickin A, Herrell, M,* Moore E,* Cooper D,* Pearson S.* (2014). Nd isotope mapping of allochthonous Grenvillian klippen: evidence for widespread "ramp-flat" thrust geometry in the SW Grenville Province. PRECAMB. RES. 246, 268-280.

Moretton, K.* and Dickin, A.P. (2013). Nd isotope mapping of the Dysart gneiss complex: evidence for a rifted block within the Central Metasedimentary Belt of the Grenville Province. PRECAMB. RES. 228, 1223-232.

Zelek, M.* and Dickin, A.P . (2013). Nd isotope mapping of crustal terranes in the Parent-Clova area, Quebec: implications for the evolution of the Laurentian margin in the central Grenville Province. GEOSCIENCES 3, 448-465.

Dickin, A.P. , Cooper, D*., Guo, A.*, Hutton, C.*, Martin, C.*, Sharma, K.N.M. and Zelek, M.* (2012). Nd isotope mapping of the Lac Dumoine thrust sheet: implications for large-scale crustal structure in the SW Grenville Province. TERRA NOVA. 24, 363-372.

McNutt, R.H. and Dickin, A.P. (2012). A Comparison of Nd Model ages and U-Pb zircon ages of Grenville granitoids: constraints on the evolution of the Laurentian margin from 1.5 to 1.0 Ga. TERRA NOVA 24, 7-15.

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Dickin, A.P. (2010). Scientific comment on "Isotopic heterogeneity in the Sudbury impact melt sheet" [EPSL 289 (2010) 347-356]. EARTH PLANET. SCI. LETT. 299, 334-335.

Dickin, A.P .; McNutt, R.H.; Martin, C.* and Guo, A.* (2010). The extent of juvenile crust in the Grenville Province: Nd isotope evidence. GEOL. SOC. AMERICA BULL. 122, 870-883.

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