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Eduard Reinhardt
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Dr. Eduard G. Reinhardt is a micropaleontologist studying how groundwater condition changed over climate cycles using cave sediments. His recent research in the Yucatan of Mexico focusses on reconstructing the potability of groundwater through drought cycles during the late Holocene. This has implications for the decline of Maya civilizations but also for future groundwater management in the coastal zone.

Geoarchaeology; Marine Archaeology; Micropaleontology (foraminifera); Isotope Geochemistry; Paleoenvironmental Analysis; Catastrophic Event Stratigraphy; Quaternary Geology.

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( *denotes student contribution)
(JIF= Journal Impact Factors; CI = citation index - both are provided where available)

*Collins S, Reinhardt EG, Rissolo D, Chatters J, Nava Blank A, Luna Erreguerena P. (2015). Reconstructing water level in Hoyo Negro, Quintana Roo, Mexico, implications for early Pale-oamerican and faunal access. Quaternary Science Reviews. 124: 68-83.

*Collins S, Reinhardt EG, Werner C, Le Maillot C, Devos F, Meacham S. (2015). Regional re-sponse of the coastal aquifer to Hurricane Ingrid and sedimentation flux in the Yax Chen cave system (Ox Bel Ha) Yucatan, Mexico. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology. 438: 226-238.

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