John Maclachlan
John Maclachlan
Industry Professor
General Science Building, Rm 230
(905) 525-9140 ext. 24195
(905) 546-0463

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Pedagogical study of advancing the use of technologies into classroom teaching and learning; Exploration of the spatial distribution of quaternary landforms and sediments of glacial origin in southern Ontario.

  • Earth Sc/Envir Sc/Geog 4EA3 (Course Outline): Environmental Assessment, (Term Two) 2017-18
  • Earth Sc 4G03 (Course Outline): Glacial Sediments & Environments (Term One) 2017-18

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J. Maclachlan and R. Lee, 2015. Student Collaborative Writing Groups: Mapping Glacial Geomorphology and Glacial Sedimentology. Cartographica, v. 50, p. 163-164

J. Maclachlan and C. H. Eyles, 2013. Quantitative geomorphological analysis of drumlins in the Peterborough Drumlin Field, Ontario, Canada. Geografiskia Annaler, v.93, p. 125-144.

L. Oldershaw, W.A. Morris, H.A. Slavinski, B. Miles, J. Maclachlan and S. Vajoczki, 2012. Remote ad in-situ photogrammetric history of the Kidd Copper tailings site, Sudbury, Ontario. Internal Journal of Remote Sensing,v.33, p. 6559-6573.

N. Moore , E. J. Fournier, S. Hardwick, M. Healy, J. Maclachlan , J. Seeman, 2011. Mapping the journey towards self-authorship in geography. The Journal of Geography in Higher Education, v. 35, p. 351-364.

J. Maclachlan and C.H. Eyles, 2011. Subglacial deforming bed conditions recorded by late Quaternary sediments exposed in Vineland Quarry, Ontario, Canada. Sedimentary Geology, v. 238, p. 277-287

J. Maclachlan , N. Shenker and J.Trzeciak, 2011. Engaging the campus community through new roles and new relationships: The McMaster University Library Postdoctoral Fellowship Program. College and Undergraduate Libraries, v. 18, p. 200-212

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