Michael Mercier
Michael Mercier
Assistant Professor
General Science Building, Rm 220
(905) 525-9140 ext. 27597
(905) 546-0463

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Dr. Mercier is one of four Teaching Professors in the School of Geography & Earth Sciences. He has been recognized for his teaching excellence and his committment to the student experience.

Dr. Mercier's teaching interests are primarily focused in the broad, interdisciplinary field of human geography, especially at the introductory level. Dr. Mercier is co-author of Human Geography (Oxford University Press), the market-leader in introductory human geography textbooks.

In addition, Dr. Mercier teaches courses across the many sub-areas of the field of human geography, including: urban (incl. urban planning), economic (incl. globalization), social, population and health, and regional geography (incl. world regional geography, geography of Brazil, etc.).

Dr. Mercier also regularly teaches some of the core methodological courses such as research and field methods, and regularly can be found leading field courses in Toronto every August and San Francisco in February. Dr. Mercier is also the coordinator of the School of Geography & Earth Science's independent study program.

Not currently accepting graduate students.

Human geography; Urban geography & planning; Population studies; Geographies of health & health-care; Urban social geography; Globalization; Geographies of economic activity; Geopolitics & politcal geography; Uneven development & global inequalities; Issues in human & environmental interactions; Regional geography; Human geographic field study.

Not currently accepting graduate students.

  • Geog 1HA3 (Course Outline): Human Geography: Society and Culture, (Term One) 2018-19
  • Geog 1HB3 (Course Outline): Human Geography: City and Economy, (Term One), 2018-19
  • Geog 2RW3 (Course Outline): World Regional Geography, (Term One) 2018-19
  • Geog 3MF3 (Course Outline): Human Geography Field Camp, (Term One) 2018-19
  • Geog 4MS3 (Course Outline): Independent Study, (Term One) 2018-19
  • Geog 1HA3 (Course Outline): Human Geography: Society and Culture, (Term Two) 2018-19
  • Geog 4MS3 (Course Outline): Independent Study, (Term Two) 2018-19

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Norton, W. and M. Mercier (2016). Human Geography (9th Edition). Oxford University Press, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada.

Wright, D., and Mercier, M. E. (2008). Introduction. Urban History Review. Vol. 36:2.

Mercier, M. E. (2006). The Social Geography of Childhood Mortality, Toronto, 1901 Urban GeographyVol. 27:2.

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Harris, R. and M. Mercier. (2000). A Test for Geographers: The Geography of Educational Achievement in Toronto and Hamilton, 1997 The Canadian Geographer Vol. 44:3.

Co-Editor (with David Wright). Public Health in the City: Special issue of Urban History Review, Vol. 36:2.

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