Rodrigo Narro Perez
Rodrigo Narro Perez
Ph.D. Candidate
General Science Building, Room 312
(905) 525-9140 ext. 24077
Dr. Carolyn Eyles

One of South America's most challenging issues is the rapid and evident retreat of the Andean tropical glaciers that serve as a freshwater supply for many communities. The Peruvian communities in the Santa River Valley on the Western slope of the Cordillera Blanca that lie in the province of Ancash (north of Lima) rely heavily on glacier meltwater for freshwater. My proposed research project aims to better understand the impact retreating glaciers will have on local communities in the Ancash province that rely on meltwater as a freshwater source. It is important to understand the impact that water has on a community's health, in particular those in developing nations. I am also interested in seeing the social impacts that this rapid deglaciation has had from a social perspective. Water management and water risk, both in water quantity and quality, are of importance in fragile communities such as this.

This is research is meant to further the research mission of the United Nations University - Institute for Water, the Environment and Health which include "three inter-connected and closely linked challenges: ensuring water-health security for everyone on the planet; utilizing the potential for cooperation for water security in shared water resources; and ensuring ample water resources for producing, processing and securing food supply for rising population" (UNU-INWEH, 2015).

  • ISCI 3A12: Integrated Science, Fall 2017 T.A.
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