Alexander Peace
Alexander Peace
Assistant Professor
General Science Building, Rm 220
(905) 525-9140 ext. 23152
(905) 546-0463
My research primarily focuses on the structural, tectonic and magmatic evolution of continental margins, including the adjacent onshore areas and offshore sedimentary basins. I am particularly interested in rifting and breakup, rift-related magmatism, structural inheritance and mantle dynamics.

Geographically, my work to date has focused on the continental margins of the North Atlantic and surrounding regions including: Newfoundland, Greenland, Jan Mayen, Labrador and the UK/Irish margin. The nature of my work requires a multifaceted approach incorporating a wide variety of approaches and methodologies such as: seismic interpretation, field-based studies, numerical modelling, petrology, structural modelling and geochemistry
Structural geology, tectonic processes, applied geophysics, field geology, magmatism, seismic hazards
  • Geog 3ER3 (Course Outline): Strucrural Geology (Term Two) 2019-20

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