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James Smith
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My primary research interests are in Subsurface Contaminant Hydrology. That includes Contaminant Fate and Transport within the subdisciplines of Hydrogeology (below the water table) and Vadose Zone Hydrology (above the water table). I am particularly interested in the study of multiphase flow and unsaturated flow in porous media, i.e. when more than one fluid is present. My research approach emphasises highly controlled laboratory based experiments to investigate primary mechanisms and processes controlling fluid flow and contaminant transport. In addition, numerical modelling is used to analyse laboratory and field data, design further experiments, and investigate the potential implications of the research results.

This research improves and extends our fundamental understanding of Subsurface Contaminant Hydrology and the technologies used in Groundwater and Soil Contamination Investigations, Monitoring, Simulation, and Remediation.

Water Flow and Contaminant Transport in the Subsurface; Vadose Zone Hydrology; Soil Physics; Hydrogeology; Multiphase Flow through Porous Media; Nonaqueous Phase Liquid (NAPL) Behaviour and Remediation in the Subsurface; Organic Contaminants in Groundwater Systems; Soil Sciences; Applied Modelling of Subsurface Flow and Transport.

  • Earth Sc 6WB3: Contaminant Hydrogeology, (Term Two) 2018-19
  • Earth Sc 750: Advanced Groundwater Flow and Contaiminant Transport, (Term Two) 2018-19

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