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Benjamin Garden
The School of Geography & Earth Sciences continues to be a nurturing, knowledge rich environment for the next generation of thought leaders. It has helped me develop the necessary skills and experience for the industry I am truly passionate about today. Most importantly, it prepared me to venture into the world in pursuit of my own personal aspirations in life. The school has a selection of world class academic leaders and staff who provide industry valued skills and training in Spatial Analysis, Geographic Information Systems and statistics among others. I encourage the next generation of students to think critically, stay hungry for knowledge, and network with your fellow students, as you will someday all be leaders in your own industries."
Gloria I. López, PhD., The Late Quaternary Evolution of the Apalachicola Barrier Island Complex, North-East Gulf of Mexico, as determined from Optical Dating
Gloria Lopez

Independent and leading-edge thinking, responsibility, networking, multi-disciplinary and collaborative work, are only few of the lessons I deepened and learned at MAC.  Leadership and teaching skills were also matured during my wonderful technical, administrative and instructional experiences during and after my Ph.D. times, as I also served the School as a Sessional Faculty post Ph.D. graduation.

To the future SGES Grads I can only give this advice: live intensively your MAC times and do not waste any opportunity that may arise from a collaborative research partnership between 2 or more Faculty Members.  You will be able to learn x2 or x3 from that experience!  Also, make community amid your fellow grads.  Besides your friendships, they will be your professional colleagues once out in the “real world”.  And last but not least, you would have a much more fulfilling experience if you enter Graduate School after having some professional experience of your own post-B.Sc.  It is ever so fruitful and satisfactory to really know what to pursue career-wise, that it´s worth taking some time to mature and sensibly sense what is that you would really do with passion for the rest of your professional life!

Amy Shanks

I really enjoyed the time I spent as a student in the School of Geography & Earth Sciences. I had entered undergrad not really knowing what I wanted to study, but once I took a first-year human geography course, I was hooked! It took them six years to get rid of me when all was said and done.
In addition to the School’s fantastic academic environment, I was able to make a lot of great friendships that still exist to this day. A particular highlight of mine was being able to travel to San Francisco in my fourth year of undergrad to complete a field course with Dr. Mercier and thirteen other students. This experience, along with the research I completed during my Master’s, solidified my interest in the urban environment and urban planning, and this is ultimately the career I am working towards today. My time in the School has definitely helped me towards this goal. From knowing how to take proper field notes, to being able to identify architectural styles, to being able to write clear and concise reports, I would not be where I am today without what I learned in my geography coursework at McMaster.



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