Melanie Bedore
Melanie Bedore
Assistant Professor
General Science Building, Rm 209
(905) 525-9140 ext. 23525
(905) 546-0463
Critical human geography; urban geography; economic geography; poverty and inequality; sustainable food systems. Committed to excellence in undergraduate education: innovative pedagogical approaches include discussion-based learning, adapting active learning strategies to conventional classroom spaces, cooperative learning, engaged lecturing, and promoting student metacognition
  • Geog 1HA3 (Course Outline): Human Geography: Society and Culture, (Term Two) 2018-19
  • Geog 2UI3 (Course Outline): Cities in a Changing World, (Term One), 2018-19
  • Geog 2LE3 (Course Outline): Economic Geography, (Term Two) 2018-19
  • Geog 3TG3  (Course Outline): Geography of Globalization, (Term Two) 2018-19
Bedore, M. (2018). ‘I purchased it; it wasn’t given to me’: Food project patronage and the geography of dignity work. The Geographical Journal, 184, 218-228. 

Bedore, M. (in press). Socio-spatial relations of care in community food project patronage. Social & Cultural Geography. DOI: 10.1080/14649365.2017.1315447

Bedore, M. (2014). The convening power of food as growth machine politics: A study of food policymaking and partnership formation in Baltimore. Urban Studies, 51(14), 2979-2995.

Bedore, M. (2014). Food desertification: Situating choice and class relations within an urban political economy of declining food access. Studies in Social Justice, 8(2), 207-228. 

Bedore, M. (2013). Geographies of capital formation and rescaling: a historical-geographical approach to the food desert problem. The Canadian Geographer. 57(2), 133-153.
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